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Marriage to me is,A New Begining..

Updated on May 5, 2012

A New Begining with Wondeful Meaning..

A New Begining of my life.
A New Begining of my life. | Source
Journey of Togetherness.
Journey of Togetherness. | Source

A journey of togetherness..

Every girl sets a dream of a great life partner, but do we really know for a girl what actually marriage means. It’s just not getting in new relationship but a re-birth in marriage. A New beginning of new life. A lifetime Bonding filled with love and trust. My Married life milestone begins here which I would love to share, I’ve written this for my wonderful life partner who’s my best buddy, my strength ,my love and a relationship which made me understand what marriage means to me..

Marriage was not my destination, but it’s a journey of my life

A new life filled with love, compromise n trust.

Dear Hubby, i did not marry you because you are perfect for me,

I did not marry you because I loved you at first sight.

I married you because you gave me a promise

That promise made up for your errors

And I gave you promise to made up for mine.

Here ,two imperfect people got married and it was

The only promise, our wedding vow that made our Marriage successful.

And when our son growing up,

He will see, it was not only house or you and me or

our love that protected him;

It was that promise our wedding vow protected him.

Promise of love and Togetherness.

A New begining with wonderful meaning:)



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