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Martina Cole The Jump Book Review

Updated on June 5, 2011

Summary and my opinions on the book.

Another decent read by a brilliant author. It was well written, gripping, interesting with many shock twists and turns along the way. 

It starts off with a man name Georgio Bruno's being arrested and sent to prison for his part in an armed robbery (the supplier) where a man got killed. For his crimes he gets 18 years in prison with an 18 month appeal scheduled. He lives in an enormous mansion with housekeeper Dolly and his wife Donna whom both have lived a wonderful sheltered life because of him and his criminal deeds. Neither of whom know to the full extent what has actually been going on. Donna being unable to bear a child for the man she is so desperately in love with does everything she can to stick by him and get him out of prison. 

As time passes and she takes over all of his building businesses finding out he had signed everything into her name so he did not get caught with them she dealt with all sorts of criminals. A ram raid on one of the car lots really sets the ball in motion for her and she has the protection and help from Big Paddy Donovan watching her house and following her around. 

She is soon to find out that there are some dodgy dealings going on when she asks a known criminal Alan Cox for help to spring her husband in a jump. Following this she meets some of the scum of the earth the most dangerous people she could ever face. 

When she receives a fax from Sri Lanka (a place where her husband supposedly has a hotel that has just been built  in) stating that the merchandise could no longer be shipped at the present time she starts to get suspicious. Matters are only made worse when Dolly the housekeeper makes a shocking and disturbing discovery by taking some items from the boxes two of their so called friends were moving from the house. In shock and disbelief, Donna refuses to believe her husband has anything to do with them and ends up going out  to Sri Lanka just days before her husband makes the jump to discover a highly distressing brothel in her name for children out there. With the help of Alan Cox she soon gets things sorted out, the traitor of a brother Stephen is soon found out for what he is and Georgio is no longer Donna's golden boy.The deeper she digs into the hole the more she discovers about her husband. 

Matters are made even worse when Donna discovers that Georgio has had a child with another person, an Irish blonde girl no doubt he was in fact planning on leaving Donna for after the jump has been made.

A shocking twist in the end leaves us all reeling in the aftermath.

I wont tell you any more just not I'll let you read it through first to get the full impact of the harsh storyline and immense characters. This is a real visit to the criminal underworld and how lives can change over one slip up. Eyes are opened and decisions to be made. It was a brilliant book definitely worth the read.

The Review.

At first I found this book hard going, difficult to get into and even a little boring. It was a big change from some of her other books that had you by the first word it did take a few chapters to get into. The language is hard going and the writing style can be hard at times but it was a pretty good book overall. 

Until about half way through the book has really taken off but as it passes the midway point and moves to nearly the end the book goes down hill rapidly and becomes difficult to read, boring and hard going. The only reason I kept going was to see what happened in the end. Most of it was almost irrelevant and tiresome. As it gets closer and closer to the end the boo picks back up for a dramatic and shocking ending that really did it for me. It would have been better without the two or so hundred pages in the middle filled with rubbish that dragged the book out longer than necessary. Some people say its her best book and it would come a close forth if the middle section of the book was taken out of replaced with something more exciting. We really don't find anything good out until practically the end I would say just over a hundred pages before the end. (Its a thick book with over 800 pages) 

All in all I thought it was a decent book apart from the disappointing middle section and I would recommend it if you don't mind something that is hard going.


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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      thanks for a great review. i enjoy reading insightful and meaningful reviews of books. it gets me into some great reads that i may have missed. nice hub.