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Martina Cole The Lady Killer Book Review

Updated on May 27, 2011

Book Summary And My First Impressions Of It

My first impressions of this book when I read the blurb was it was going to leave me in suspense, exciting, shocking, interesting, even a little disturbing.... it was all of that and more!! The cover art is black and red which gives off the impression it could be dark, mysterious, frightening sort of edgy and that's what hooked me in to it. 

The story goes as a Detective Inspector Kate Burrows, is put onto a brutal rape-murder case. A man named George Markham was seemingly an ordinary married man with a job and a home, however he is the culprit, having a sick obsession with bondage and sexual attacks on women he buys adult magazines and even went as far as ordering in Illegal video tapes of sexual attacks on women. He preys on several different victims the first being a married woman of a man he knows one evening. It is a really gripping plot and story line.

Anyway, on to the review!!


This is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. It has been extremely well written I was quite frankly surprised as a lot of crime novels are written far too formally but this one feels very laid back yet harsh and gripping with very English language words like 'old nonce' and stuff give it a slightly homey feel I have never read a book where the language has been used like that and as well as that. You get the impression of a rough kind of environment with some of the language used by various characters a real mix of classes. 

When I first opened the book and read a page I became interested quickly, its not like take a few pages to get into it is very grabs you from the first word and you have to keep reading on and on to find out more it is such a detailed yet fascinating story it is like you are right there when it is happening watching everything and the characters. The way the character George has a signature smile just has that little something about it giving the character more depth. From the beginning he seems like a normal sane man even when he is looking at his pictures and making his scrapbook. His wife is very ordinary his home is ordinary and his job was ordinary until he was laid off.

Although many people say they were offended and disgusted by the language, sometimes offensive and a fair bit of swearing and very graphic scenes are involved it is certainly not for those who don't enjoy a good gruesome gory book with lots of bad language and bold powerful characters. Each of the areas is explored in detail why is the character there, what is happening, why is it linked with this part etc and it leaves you reading faster wondering who or where the next attack will be. I would not say the book is dragged on in fact I could have read more! 

The ending is very ironic I wont tell you what happens but it left a great big smile on my face I was very impressed with the way it was written a lesser writer could not have possibly pulled this off. I highly recommend this book, but I do warn you it is extremely graphic and outrageous if you are easily offended or upset I'd say maybe it is not the book for you but if you love a good hard hitting tell it like it is story then you will adore this book! 

Five out of five stars!!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      ...its one of the best books Ive read,more than once...

    • ILoveMice profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from England.

      Yeah you can imagine it how you like and such but it is such a great book when it has been as well written as this it is much better than watching a film.

    • CASE1WORKER profile image


      7 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      the thing is, unlike a film, you can stop reading the gory bits.. skim over them and start reading again.


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