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Marvel Character Bios: Omega Red (Arkady Rossovich)

Updated on August 14, 2013
Omega Red's Constant Quest Against Team X
Omega Red's Constant Quest Against Team X
All Normal Mutant Powers Plus Vampire Tentacles?
All Normal Mutant Powers Plus Vampire Tentacles?

Russian Super-Villain Born to Chase Wolverine

What a better career path to becoming a super villain than being a Russian serial killer? The early life of Arkady is not known besides versions of him being a serial killer or murderer who is executed but survives. His story leads to him being captured by Interpol agent, Sean Cassidy, who turns the madman over to the KGB.

As America had created Captain America, the Soviets wanted their own super soldier. Thus Omega Red was born. A mutant with all of the powers you would expect, superhuman strength, speed and stamine. Omega Red has the ability to release "Death Spores" from his body which cause exactly what they are named to his victims. Having both arms implanted with tentacles that were metal meant to mimic adamantium, the weapons were used to grapple opponents and drain energy from whoever the villain grasps. This process was used to help Omega Red sustain his own life energy, making him remind many of a high tech vampire.

The only thing that helped the man with his condition was a device known as the Carbonadium Synthesizer, which ends up being stolen during the final mission of Team X, a group of mutants made up of fan favorite Wolverine, Sabretooth, Wraith and Maverick. As the device is stolen the Russian government made the call that Omega Red was to unstable and decided to pull the plug on their experiment. They place their creation into suspended animation where he sits until revived by Matsu'o Tsurayaba, leader of a group of ninjas known as The Hand.

During this time he became obsessed with searching out the Carbonadium Synthesizer which he believes one of the members of Team X knows about. He constantly battles Wolverine and the X-Men who he has aligned himself with now. Once capturing Wolverine and handing him over to Tsurayaba and also being injured and defeated by the X-Men but escaping. His belief that the C-Synth will save his life drives him to constantly go after the group.

As his search took him to Siveria, he fell under the telepathic control of Soul Skinner, who used the villain to capture Wolverine again this time with Jubilee, as the Soul Skinner was killed he now had to go on the defensive against the man he had repetitively tried to capture.

Just like the KGB determining he couldn't complete his mission and was too unreliable, The Hand soon formed the same conclusion. Omega Red then bounced around jobs working for crime organizations where he also was defeated by such Marvel favorites as Daredevil and Black Widow, Russian gangser Ivan Pushkin hired him to start a war between terrorist groups and also worked for drug kingpin, The General.

After his series of mercenary jobs, Omega is recruited by his former nemesis Sabretooth who claims to have information on Wolverine. Somewhere along the lines their was a major falling out between Wolverine and Sabretooth and Omega Red now aligns himself with the latter in an attempt to locate the C-Synthesizer. Sabretooth pairs Omega with Lady Deathstrike, who has her own reasons for searching out Wolverine, and promises the pair that if they find the man he will give them the data on every mutant living on Earth. As they make good on their deal, Sabretooth betrays them both and escapes with both Wolverine and the information.

After an entire career of working for and being betrayed by others, Omega Red decides to take his fate into his own hands and becomes a legitimate business man who secretly heads up his own Russian crime syndicate known as the Red Mafia. His position with the mafia leads to information on former Team X member, Maverick, now known as Agent Zero, who brings him back into direct contact with Wolverine. He is defeated and becomes a prisoner of the agency S.H.I.E.L.D.

His freedom is bought by a group known as Red Room and he continues his crusade only to be recaptured and then used as bait in a Russian prison to lure Wolverine. Romulus sets the plan up and is aided by Wild Child, who comes very close to killing Wolverine before Omega Red intervenes and kills Wild Child instead of Wolverine.

His ultimate end comes at the hands of his longtime nemesis when Wolverine stabs him threw the heart with his sword. A fitting end to a long term battle between the two who were destined by design to reflect each other. Omega Red is survived by his three clones, Omega Black, Omega White and the new Omega Red who have joined Sabretooth in the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Omega Red was named the 95th ultimate superhero villain of all time by IGN, his whole existence had a few wins when it came to capturing Wolverine but all in all Omega Red was constantly either backstabbed by his trusted employers or failed in his attempts.


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    • To Start Again profile image

      Selina Kyle 

      5 years ago

      Interesting. I've never heard of this guy but I haven't really read many comics. Ok, any really. But I know the movies well ;) Yeah, I know-they aren't at all accurate in terms of the comics but I do like them and Wolverine might just be my very favorite XMen and Marvel hero. Good timing with this hub as the new Wolverine movie is on its way! :)


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