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Comics Eye: My Review of Ardden Comics Flash Gordon

Updated on August 4, 2011

Hi there and welcome to another edition of Comics Eye, only on Hubpages!

As a young kid, there was an actor named "Buster Crabbe." Buster was someone who I would see in those old Saturday morning multi-part serials, and his role was in Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. I used to love those old series, along with the old Batman and Superman serials in the day.

Have I "dated" myself yet?

Anyway a few years ago ( well maybe two, if my memory serves me) I came across the first release of Flash Gordon from Ardden Entertainment and was written by Brendan Deneen and with the art by Eduardo Garcia. Honestly I was floored by the artwork more than the story (no offense Brendan) it had a quality to it that reminded me of a great animated series, and even the coloring seemed to work well with it. I'm not sure if the colorist on the new series Estudio Haus were involved with the first few Flash comics I read then, but the quality would suggest that they are.

In the first series I had read the first three issues of the series, and then for whatever reason I never saw issue four hit my local comic shop. So the rest of the series and the comic kind of fell be the wayside as many other titles had for me in the past few years.

So this new series is titled "Invasion of the Red Sword" and the first issue in this series is called Terror, and issue two is called The Mission.

The events taking place in this series happen after the events in "The Mercy Wars" and the first issue finds Flash, Zarkov, Prince Barin, and the newly crowned King Thun on a mission to try to fix the Global Translator that has malfunctioned, and because of that, now all the different species found on the planet Mongo cannot communicate with one another.

There is another story within the story, that has to do with Dale Arden's old CIA contacts are trying to save thee Earth and apparently the way to do that is by destroying Mongo.

Go figure!

As the conflicting story lines take you through to the end of the first issue, we come to find out that the planet Mongo's ruler is not so dead after all (what have I always said about "dead" and the comic book) and apparently he can help Flash and company fix the broken translator...for a price of course.

The second issue of this story fleshes out the story a bit further as we learn that the CIA ( which by the way are dressed in Military Uniform, which leads you to believe that they are more of a military operation in this story than say in real life) is doing dissections on some of the creatures that live on Mongo to gather information, and in one panel in the beginning of issue two "If they find anything useful, capture more. If not. wipe them off the face of this God-Forsaken planet."

There is betrayal in the ranks of the (Cloud people) I think..again I have to apologize as I am coming into the series a bit behind by two years. And of course there is the mission that Ming The Merciless has in store for Flash to undertake together.

Anyway, Flash Gordon is a fun read but it's one of these $3.99 price tag comics and I'm not sure that it's a fair amount for what you get, so I'll leave that up to you to decide for yourselves.

For the next edition of Comics Eye, I'm going to share with you one of IDW's more quirky and fun comics to read Locke & Key. See you here again soon!



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