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(Marvel) Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Updated on February 21, 2015

This question is being asked a lot over the internet, mainly due to the killer performance of The Avengers. Plenty of people have their own ideas, with Marvel being coy about what will be their next new film. So fare, they've only announced sequels for Thor, Captain America and Iron Man, and possibly the Hulk. But they've also hinted at doing an Inhumans film, along with a Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange. Not wanting to seem like I have no opinion (I do, trust me), here are some of my picks for heroes who need their own franchises. It should be noted, these are characters I think could hold their own films, not just be guest characters, which I've written about before. Some heroes, while cool, just can't do solo movies. But that's why the good Lord invented the super hero team ups.

The Sorcerer Supreme
The Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange

Doctor Steven Strange is Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme. He is the go-to guy on all things magic in the Marvel Universe and is perfect for Marvel's cinematic universe. Not only that, but he's part of the Marvel team The Defenders, so they have their pick of what team to put him on!

1. His Background- Doctor Strange was a surgeon and one of the best, but after an accident his hands were crippled. Surgery fixed them, but it was evident that Strange would never be able to use a knife again. Desperate to fix his hands, Strange wasted away all of his money and possessions, but nothing worked. Near the end of his rope, Strange heard of the Ancient One and sought him out in Tibet. But, instead of being cured for his surgeon career, Strange became the Sorcerer Supreme.

2. What Thor hinted at, Strange lives in- Thor was Marvel's first attempt at bringing magic into their movies, and explaining it for the masses. They did a great job but only showed a thread of the magical tapestry they can offer. Strange lives in that realm. His possessions rival what we saw in Odin's Treasury. When Strange has adventures, he doesn't just go to Italy, he goes to worlds that are upside and full of time's very nature. Strange talks to eternity. This is the guy to show Marvel's magic.

3. He's a character first, a hero second- We're talking about a vain guy here, who couldn't handle not being the best in the field anymore. Strange hit rock bottom before he could ever become a hero. Steven Strange had a hard lesson in life that paid off in more ways then one. This guy has elements of Tony Stark, the jerk who has to take a hard look in the mirror, but he's his own character. He's flawed, he's tragic, he comes out the other side better for it. He's not a set of powers. He's a guy who got a dealt a lousy hand while at the top of his run. His origin movie would be not just a discovery of the world around him, but who he really is. This is great stuff!

And his love life? When a woman leaves you to live in a realm of darkness, you know you have issues.

The King of Wakanda
The King of Wakanda

Black Panther

T'Challa is the king of his own country, Wakanda. Not just royalty, like Thor, but the king. He may be a superhero, but his loyalty is always for his people first. He's one of Marvel's biggest, yet untapped, characters.

1. His Background- He wasn't born a king, though. T'Challa had to work through many trials to claim his place on the throne. Right there, you have an origin movie. In a way, it's similar to Thor accept T'Challa isn't banished, but tested. His powers, which come from both a connection to the Panther spirit and herbs are similar to Captain America's; strength, agility, stamina. He's also an expert tracker and inventor, making many elements of his own costume. He's always working, always helping someone, whether its his own nation or the working with The Avengers.

2. Black Panther is a political figure- T'Challa, being a king, is going to have different adventures than the other heroes of the Marvel universe. Done right, Black Panther could be a great superhero political thriller, dealing with the problems of diplomacy. He's not a guy to take orders from someone and he's not going to be threatened. If he doesn't agree to an American policy, will he have to deal with Captain America? Or other countries? Will he have to act as a spy as well as a king? His country is also the richest source of vibranium, the same substance they made Captain America's shield out of. Who else is going to want it? There are some great options for a Black Panther movie.

3. The Avengers are pretty white- Outside of Nick Fury, the Avengers are six white people, five if you count the Hulk being green. In a world with the X-Men, it's hard not to point out the problem of a lack of diversity. T'Challa could add some much needed change to that fact, even with culture. He would be an outsider to the Avengers, with the only other non-American being Thor (maybe Black Widow).

Plus, look at his costume! Tell me it isn't cool?

The Man Without Fear
The Man Without Fear


I know. Daredevil already got a movie, and it wasn't great. Well, so did Captain America, as well as plenty of other heroes. So, here's what needs to happen. Marvel needs to get the rights back from Fox and make Daredevil part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. His background- Is already explained. Matt Murdock's origin story could be told in the opening credits, similar to the Incredible Hulk. Make sure we know he's blind, he's a lawyer, a Catholic, and a vigilante. Daredevil has a great story; his relationship with his father is a story that should bring emotion, his love life is an absolute wreck, and his secret identity is one of his most important secrets that he keeps letting slip. What's great about Daredevil is that he should have been a villain. His life was leading to it but he fought back and stood his ground. But he's also obsessive and self-destructive. Hell's Kitchen is Daredevil's property. He will let you know that and make sure you agree. Daredevil gets so obsessed with that fact that he forgets about his own life and those around him. No one is as prone to make a mess out of his own life as Matt Murdock, not even Peter Parker. If Marvel wants a character to beat up, this is the guy. He ruins relationships, he alienates his friends, and borderline destroys himself in goal to save his city. He makes Batman look like a well put-together guy.

2. He's street-level- Daredevil would never join The Avengers. He doesn't leave the rooftops, the streets of Hell's Kitchen. Others will save the world, but someone needs to help his city. Really, the Marvel movies haven't dealt with this type of hero yet. Daredevil would stand on his own with that fact. He would be the most grounded character, with villains who don't shoot laser beams or flip tanks. Villains like Bullseye, Typhoid Mary, Kingpin, Gladiator, The Owl, and Mr. Fear are scary and psychotic, not all-powerful. Marvel could even introduce the Hand, and open the door for some low magic villains.

3. Daredevil has connections- Characters like Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and the Punisher would thrive in a Daredevil movie, and maybe be so well received they could get their own. In fact, Black Widow has a strong connection to the history of Daredevil. His own movie series could benefit from the guest appearance of others and would help show off Marvel's great street-level heroes. Remember how Elektra got her own movie because of her role in Daredevil? Well, they could do that, but better.

Plus, I want a good Daredevil movie!

The New Warriors
The New Warriors

New Warriors

The New Warriors are a group of lesser known Marvel heroes. While Marvel is banking on large scale team-ups, the New Warriors would be a team already put together. No five movies leading to the big moment, just a few heroes who aren't the greatest doing their best.

1. Their background- The New Warriors are usually made up of younger characters, who are cool but a bit goofy, Speedball being the prime subject. They're put together to fight crime by Night Thrasher but they don't just have to be street-level like some others. These guys tend to fight threats too big for them, but still manage to save the day.

2. Comedy- The New Warriors are fun. They're not as down and and out as the X-Men, or as serious as The Avengers. They have a sense of humor. While the Iron Man movies are funny in their own right, The New Warriors would be more of a Mystery Men film, with humor being the main target.

3. A reality show- Now, this isn't the base representation of the team, but I would hope that Marvel would follow what Zebb Wells did in his run on the book and make The New Warriors a reality show. Our heroes, looking for attention, would film their exploits live. It's an idea no one has put to film yet, and would help The New Warriors stand out among the other superhero movies.

And, if Marvel goes cosmic, the team already has Nova. Cross-promotion!

The Runaways

For a while, it seemed like this was happening. But then Marvel pulled the plug (or at least put it on hold). The reason was they didn't want to crowd the movie universe and take away from The Avengers. Well, that's over so here's why they need to start this back up.

1. Their background- The teenagers that make up the Runaways are the children of supervillains. When the kids found this out, they hit the road and hit from their parents. Some wanted to stop their parents, one betrayed his friends. They finally stopped their parents, but the toll was pretty high and also left them on the road. The group is also primarily female, which would probably take some of the pressure off of Black Widow, who might get tired of being the only superheroine Marvel has right now. The premise alone is enough to make for a unique experience.

2. They're not superheroes- The team isn't really a team, it's just a group of kids who don't want to live with their evil parents. Most don't even have powers. One has his parents old gadgets, and one has a pet velociraptor. That's right. A pet dinosaur. But there is no save the world dilemma, just stay hidden and stay alive.

3. Marvel is owned by Disney who owns kids- Seriously, how is this not a movie yet? If Disney was to have the perfect vehicle for its army of child stars, this would be it. Staring kids, easy to market to kids while still appealing to adults, Disney must not have a clue what this could mean for them if they haven't already started. The Runaways would be the only superhero movie to star teenagers as the heroes, or at least, it would be the first good one.

Plus, this could open the door for a Young Avengers movie and I can't even say how happy that would make me...

The Guardians of the Galaxy
The Guardians of the Galaxy

Who else?

I didn't add the Inhumans because Marvel has talked about them pretty heavily. I didn't say anything about The Guardians of the Galaxy because Marvel seems to be heading straight into that area, which would make me as happy as can be. Thanos, Drax, Nova, and the Kree? That would be wonderful. I would also like to see a Heroes For Hire movie, so who knows what the future holds.


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    • cperuzzi profile image

      Christopher Peruzzi 

      8 years ago from Freehold, NJ

      Those of us who are old enough to remember this train wreck know that Marvel had a very dark time in the movie industry. Check out the first attempt at a Dr. Strange movie.

      No, I'm not kidding.

    • Eric Mikols profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Mikols 

      9 years ago from New England

      I'm one of the rare individuals who enjoyed both Hulk movies but don't hate me because of it!

      She-Hulk would be a great addition to the universe, especially with the lack of strong female heroes; Black Widow can only do so much! Plus, if they went the way of her cooky lawyer job, she could help out Daredevil!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      @Dominick Dicce

      I actually liked the Incredible Hulk...but I would love to see the She-Hulk on film...I even speculated on her being in Joss Herons planned Marvel television show.

    • profile image

      Domenick Dicce 

      9 years ago

      Fun Hub. With Disney buying Marvel I am sure we have many more superhero movies in the future. Although Daredevil just got scrapped today and the Black Panther as been in talks for a while. Wesley Snipes was the major name being thrown around at the time.

      I would like to see a She-Hulk movie. They have done enough bad versions of the hulk that maybe putting a twist on the story would help out.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Yeah that's so funny that I never read your Daredevil segment before yet I feel exactly the same way! Nice hub! I'm voting it up!

    • Eric Mikols profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Mikols 

      9 years ago from New England

      That's a problem Marvel has to face now. They have a lot of unknowns they have to bring out to the world.

    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      AE Williams 

      9 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Very well structured article, enjoyed reading it! I don't know much about these characters, but you gave good evidence to support your thoughts. Good job, man.


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