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Mary Burton's 'Before She Dies': A Review

Updated on April 21, 2012

Pages: 410

Rating: **

I'm very unusually picky when I'm trying to find a writer that I can get excited about. Seeing that Burton has a pretty good reputation, I decided to check out 'Before She Dies'. I must admit that the dramatic blue cover initially caught my attention, but the back cover sealed the deal. However, when I started getting into the story, I began to wonder if I was missing something, or if her readers are just easily entertained.

'Before She Dies' is based on Charlotte Wellington, a highly successful attorney who is desperately trying to hide a dark and shameful past. On the opposite side of the coin, Detective Daniel Rokov considers it his job picking through deeply hidden secrets to solve beastly crimes. When a serial killer begins attacking young women, Charlotte and Daniel's paths will cross with explosive results. Our mysterious new killer is convinced that he is fighting a righteous war against witches, mystics and otherwise sinful creatures. Defending the world from such evils is a holy mission that he has taken upon himself to undertake. Ever suspicious, Daniel keeps a close eye as Charlotte's past begins to surface. Despite her best efforts to hide her dark secrets, will her tapestry of lies unravel as the killer stocks his next victim?

I just didn't see what the hype surrounding 'Before She Dies' is all about. Charlotte is actually a good solid character, it's too bad that she's surrounded by transparent, single layer supporters. While I can appreciate a modern plot taken from today's headlines, it has to have the excitement to back it up. The story is incredibly slow moving. With a pace that's thick like molasses, the borderline boring tale is hard to get into. Taking me several weeks to finish this novel, I had to take the story in chunks in order to get through it. I'm going to give the novel two stars. The modern plot is a nice change of place, but a well written Charlotte deserves a star all her own.

Before She Dies
Before She Dies

The cover art and description make the novel sound incredibly interesting.


I wasn't too impressed by 'Before She Dies'. What's your opinion?

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