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Mashup Tales: Aladdin and Ali

Updated on November 28, 2015

Aladdin and Ali were childhood friends. They both came from poor families. Aladdin lived with his widowed mother while Ali lived alone.

One day, the two friends went into the forest to cut firewood. They were minding their own business when a group of men on horsebacks stopped in front of a huge boulder.

They hid themselves and counted forty men. They were frightened when they realized that the men were the ruthless forty thieves.

The leader yelled, “Open Sesame,” and the cave opened. They all entered with their horses.

“So that’s how they do it! That’s why they are never caught,” Ali said.

The thieves later came out and yelled, “Close Sesame.” Then they rode off and were gone.

The two hurried to the cave. “Open Sesame,” Aladdin shouted and they entered.

They found a huge amount of treasure from gold coins to gold artifacts and jewelries.

Ali found bags in the cave. “Let us fill these bags with gold to take home.”

As Aladdin scooped gold coins into his bag, he noticed a golden lamp in the heap. He dropped it into the bag.

At home, Aladdin inspected the lamp closely and rubbed its gold finish a few times. Suddenly, smoke filled the room and a huge genie came out of the lamp, “What can I do for you, Master?” he asked.

Aladdin was overjoyed to have a genie who would grant his every wish.

Ali got into business and established himself as a merchant.


The thieves soon realized that their cave had been discovered and some of their treasure had been stolen. They started to investigate. It did not take them long to discover two poor young fellows who had suddenly become well-to-do.

One night, Aladdin visited Ali and found him with a guest, “Aladdin, this merchant came to sell me barrels of oil. Since it’s late, I asked him to stay until morning.”

Aladdin noticed the huge barrels of oil brought by the merchant. He counted thirty-nine and realized that the forty thieves had found them.

He summoned the genie and told him that the forty thieves may be inside those barrels. In an instant, the air was filled with croaking from inside the barrels.

The merchant ran out. As he lifted each lid off a barrel, a croaking frog jumped out. He was furious. He took his sword and turned to Aladdin and Ali but he also turned into a frog which jumped away to join his comrades.

Aladdin and Ali took possession of the treasures in the cave and became the richest men in town.

Disney Version
Disney Version

One day, Aladdin was walking in the marketplace of the city when he bumped into a lady in a hood.

“I’m sorry,” she said without looking up. She hurriedly ducked into an alley when the palace guards came marching into the marketplace.

Aladdin followed her. “Are you running away from the palace guards?” he asked.

She raised her head. “Whatever you think I am, you are wrong. I am not ready to go back just yet.”

Aladdin saw the most beautiful face he had ever seen and he was speechless. When he recovered, he said, “Then let me help you. Follow me.” Aladdin jumped on a pile of wooden crates and offered his hand.

She hesitated, and Aladdin said, “Trust me.”

If Aladdin thought the lady was as delicate as she looked, he was wrong. She climbed, she hopped and skipped, she jumped from rooftop to rooftop until Aladdin got her settled on a spot with a magnificent view of the palace.

“I have never seen the palace from a distance,” she took a deep breath.

“Why are you running from the palace guards?” Aladdin asked.

“Just trying to get some time away… I’ve been inside all my life.”

“Really? So you know the princess well?” Aladdin asked. “Is she nice, pleasant, respectful, or is she rude?”

“Well, no one has ever complained about her character but… she is lonely.” The lady stood looking at the palace, “her life is empty, she is unhappy…”

“Hmm… I don’t understand how a princess who has everything can be lonely and unhappy.”

“She does not have everything, you know. She is not free. She longs for freedom, especially the freedom to marry someone of her choice.”

“Why can’t she?” Aladdin asked.

“Because she is the princess. She has to marry a prince she has never met. And she is so unhappy about it.” Her voice trembled with emotion.

“I see you feel for the princess so much,” Aladdin’s voice was soft.

“She and I are one,” she said, and quickly added, “in spirit.”

“She may be a princess but you are more beautiful.”

She smiled, “Have you seen her?”

“No, but I have seen you.”

When they got back to the marketplace, someone caught up with them, “Your highness,” she said, “the guards are here. We have to go.”

“Wait, Morgiana,” the lady said as she turned to Aladdin.

“Your Highness?” Aladdin asked.

She pulled her hood down and Aladdin was taken away by her beauty. “You did not tell me your name,” she said.

“I am… Aladdin... is my name,” he stammered. “Are you… are you the princess?”

“Yes, she is!” Morgiana butted in. “She is Princess Jasmine,” she whispered. “Now we have to go,” she turned to the princess and pulled her away.

That night, Aladdin couldn’t sleep so he summoned the genie and told him that he was in love.

“You want to see her?” Genie asked.

“Yes, I do… but how?”

“With this,” Genie conjured a carpet on the floor. “This is a flying carpet. Go see her.”

Aladdin lost no time. He soared up into the sky, hovered over the palace and landed on a balcony.

To his surprise, the door opened and out came Princess Jasmine who was as surprised to see him.

“Aladdin! What are you doing here? How did you come up here?” she asked in succession.

“I came to see you, Princess. I would like to show you the city sights at night.”

“And how are you going to do that?” she chuckled.

Aladdin stood on the marble railing, “Like this,” he said and jumped off the balcony.

The princess gasped in fear and ran to the railing. But there stood Aladdin on a flying carpet.

“You scared me!” the princess screamed at Aladdin.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but show off. After all, I am trying to impress a princess.”

“I am more scared than impressed!” she snapped.

“Let me make it up to you. Ride with me,” Aladdin offered his hand and when she hesitated, he added, “Trust me.”

The princess thought for a moment, then took his hand. They were up in the air in minutes. Princess Jasmine screamed in delight as they soared higher and higher.

“It’s beautiful,” she exclaimed. “It’s a whole new world!”

The next time they flew on the magic carpet, Aladdin took Ali with him, and Princess Jasmine had Morgiana in tow. To their delight, both Ali and Morgiana had taken an instant liking for each other.

Princess Jasmine’s happiness was clouded when the prince she was to marry arrived at the palace. She begged her father to stop the wedding but the king had already given his word and to dishonor it means war.

Aladdin asked her to marry him and they would go away to start a new life. Princess Jasmine refused because she could not live with herself knowing that she plunged the kingdom into war. But when she met Prince Jafar, his conceit and arrogance got into her nerves and she refused to marry him.

Prince Jafar announced, “I have never been so insulted in my life. Princess Jasmine’s refusal is a declaration of war.”

When Prince Jafar left, the kingdom was mobilized in preparation for war.

Princess Jasmine blamed herself. Aladdin and Ali presented themselves to the king to fight for the kingdom. The king welcomed their help.

When a messenger announced that Prince Jafar and his army were approaching, the king got his army ready.

Meanwhile, Aladdin and Ali were standing on a hill watching the approaching army of Prince Jafar. It was a huge army and Aladdin was worried.

“Genie, are you sure Ali and I can stop that army from reaching the palace?” Aladdin asked.

“You?” Genie guffawed. “Only the two of you?”

“Genie!” Aladdin cried out. “You assured me…”

“But they will stop them.” Genie swept his hand over the wide plain and one by one a line of armed soldiers on horsebacks appeared.

“Woohoo! Now we are even!” Ali yelled into the air.

Aladdin smiled as he saw the army of Prince Jafar halt in surprise. “His army looks so small now.” Aladdin turned to Genie, “You are the greatest genie a man can ever have.”

“Thank you, Master.”

When the battle was over, Aladdin and Ali waved to their magical soldiers who rode away and disappeared. Prince Jafar was killed in battle and Aladdin took his body to the king.

“Ask anything you want and it shall be yours,” the king said.

“If it pleases the king, I would like to ask for the hand of Princess Jasmine in marriage,” Aladdin said.

“And I would ask for the hand of Morgiana in marriage,” Ali added.

The king was pleased to grant the young men their request but the decision would fall on Princess Jasmine and Morgiana.

When Princess Jasmine was asked, she could not hide her happiness, “Yes, Father, I will marry Aladdin.”

And Morgiana said, “Yes, your highness, I will marry Ali.”

The king had a sneaking suspicion that the two couples had already met before. He sighed and declared, “Then let the wedding preparations begin.”

After the wedding, Aladdin freed the genie from being imprisoned in the lamp but Genie chose to stay with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine in the palace, still ready to grant Aladdin’s wish.

In time, Aladdin became king and Ali was his grand vizier.

© 2015 Virgo908


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