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Mason the Cowboy -- A Boy and His Lost Dog

Updated on February 1, 2015

Mason the Cowboy

Mason the Cowboy
Strolled into town.
He was looking for Trouble
But there was no one around.

He looked to his left
Then he looked to his right
He knew looking for Trouble
Meant a long night.

He got down from his horse
And had his hand on his gun,
Looking for Trouble
Would not be much fun.

With his hand on his holster
And a eye on the saloon
Mason started walking
But knew trouble would be found soon.

Clippety cloppety
Went the sound of his spurs
When off in the distance
He heard a loud GRRRRR!

The noise really scared him
And he quickly turned around
But Mason lost his footing
And fell to the ground.

The growling became louder
And he saw trouble coming near
But there was nothing he could do,
But lay on the ground in fear.

One step, two step
Closer he came,
Mason recognized Trouble
You see, he knew by name.

Mason scrambled to his feet
And wiped off his face
He thought he might find Trouble
In this strange place.

He reached into his holster
Then fell to his knees.
He held out his hand
Trouble was easy to please.

He held out his hand
And opening it slow,
Footsteps came closer
And what do you know?

Instead of taking from Mason
What was in his hand
Trouble attacked him
Knocking him back in the sand.

Mason struggled and wiggled
He found himself in a daze
Because Trouble was licking him
All over his face!

You see his dog Trouble
had gotten out of the yard
And Mason had looked for him
And it was so very hard!

Mason suddenly noticed
A tear was rolling down his cheek
He had finally found trouble
After searching for nearly a week!

They were finally back together,
And it was time to celebrate
It won't happen again,
As long as Mason remembers

©2011. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without written permission.


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