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Masters of the Universe1

Updated on August 2, 2015
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Unvrso has been writing varied topics of literature since 2005 and started writing for hubpages in 2009.

Existence of Man on Earth

It is believed that the existence of man on earth has the sole purpose of achieving perfection, so as to return to the place where man was originally brought from. At least that was the original idea, but something went wrong with the plan and all humanity fell into a state of imperfection, where all human beings find themselves living cycles in order to reach the ultimate stage; one in which they will enter an spiritual phase of illumination, which will take them out of this world and in front of the creator of everything.

Or perhaps they will achieve such perfection that they may become creators of their own universe.

Eating and being Eaten

The Food Chain
The Food Chain | Source

Many Bodies in the Life Path

Urso had lived several lives since the beginning of life on the planet. HIs life path on earth had taken the shapes of a small fish to an insignificant lizard and a small squirrel to an ape and finally the body of a man, which is considered the highest evolutionary step of life on earth, or so they say...

This journey through the material world had not been easy for him, since he had been eaten several times by other animals who were above him in the food chain and for that reason they could easily dispose of him. No one had taught him either that with a little cleverness he could avoid being devoured by other creatures.

He had gotten rid of others, as well. Life is not easy in a world where animals, except for a man, are killed, devoured, mistreated, caged or put in amusement parks for man´s recreation. Many times, his existence had been interrupted very early in the awakening (a little after birth), but others, he had realized how tough life can be embodied in the corps of a small and fragile animal.

Spirituality | Source

Epic Stories

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From Another Perspective

Reaching the human stage, he could at last see things from another perspective. Now he belonged to the privileged kind; the ones who were promised a much better life when if given the opportunity could obey a set of rules and attain spiritual illumination. However, this enterprise was not an easy one. There were other forces trying to interfere with the perfect plan.

So many imperfections in the body of a man trying to be perfect; flesh and soul: a tug of war; a balance that does not reach equilibrium.

Man is not an irrational animal, but he is intuitive and judicious; one who thinks, analyzes, creates and devastates. Many times driven by human characteristics, such greediness, desire, enjoyment, lust, etc...

Contrary to animals, man engages in sexual intercourse for pleasure and in doing so , many times adds to the demographic explosión of certain regions on the planet and the misery that originates.

As a man, he could chose to live a life of debauchery and waste or follow a set of given rules and search for the brightest light of spiritualism.

Living a Life as a Man

Living a life as a man has its own difficulties. Urso had the opportunity to engage sentimentally with a female of his own kind and live a man´s life for a very brief period of time (two years). A little kid had seen the sun´s light for the first time from this relation.

Urso had been raised in the middle of a family, but fortunately, for him, he had run away from home very early in his human life. In doing so, he had conceptualized independently from the oppression of his parents (don´t do this! Don´t do that! ).

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe | Source

Creating the Future

Having gone through the bodies of varied earthly creatures, Urso had acquired some of their skills; for example, he was able to to swim big distances like a dolphin, climb walls like a lizard, fly and spot things like an eagle, run like a dog and jump high like a cat.

¨With all these abilities, I could become a super hero, ¨ he pondered.

¨But, ¨ he hesitated.

He had once visited the circus, as a kid, and he had seen some men and women with special physical abilities perform varied sets of acrobacies in front of an audience, who contemplated them with amazement.

¨If I show my abilities here on earth, I could be put into a cage and be forced to perform for an audience just for entertainment, ¨ he considered.

¨An ideal universe would be one where gravity and the other forces that govern these universe could become zero, so me and others like me could move freely and become the ¨masters of our universe, ¨ he contemplated with enthusiasm.

The Treachery of Modulok

The Treachery of Modulok
The Treachery of Modulok | Source

The Final Chance in the Life Path

Not having much to see and learn on this earthly world, he prepared for the last and final countdown to eternity. A final step that could guide him through the paths of the still unknown ideal universe and make him cross the boundaries of the reality he had been experiencing and the still imaginary universe he had been creating in his mind.

Intense and Powerful Force

Black Hole
Black Hole | Source

From Here to Eternity

When the time came to leave this world, Urso closed his eyes and put all his thinking and his longing on what he thought would be his new home; a very intense and very powerful force guided him along the paths of unknown dimensions, until he finally reached the long time longed universe.

But he was not alone as there were others who like him had reached the light and with great desire and commitment had created a new world for them. Now they would be the masters of their universe. But as in all universes, they would have to fight those who would not cease in their desire to destroy the new masters of the universe.

© 2015 Jose Juan Gutierrez


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