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Mature & Immature

Updated on March 29, 2013

Is ANYONE mature?

Well, to begin with Mature means, fully developed physically; full-grown. How did people even start using that mental wise? So, technically, no one's ever mature till their bodies decay or till they're turned into dust. But since the whole world is using it mental wise, I will too in this hub.

I personally HATE being called immature. Only because I'm told by IMMATURE people! WAKE UP! We're ALL immature some how.

Lupita Garza, 26 years old, went to college for two years, works at an insurance company, is responsible for the most part, BUT she spends 150 on a phone bill, 475 on rent, and spends the REST on beer and cigarettes. She'll go to the club from 11pm-3am, wakes up at 5:30am for work. She gets to work half asleep, with a hangover. Isn't that immature of her part?

Carlos Mata, late 40s, graduated from high school, is currently unemployed, loves to accuse his wife of cheating and gives her hell for it when HE cheated himself, takes his anger out on his daughter the most, and is now very sick. Immature!

Maria Rodriguez, 20 years old, graduated from high school, too lazy to save for college, illegal immigrant, works at a hotel, gives her full focus to her relationships, loves to blame the world for her problems but herself. Immature

Inec Villarreal, late 70s, can barely walk, is losing his hearing ability, favors ONE of his sons while he makes the other work hard to send him money, hates the united states only because he doesn't understand English, and is stubborn. Immature

Ann Sandoval, late 50s, great at cooking, good at sewing, works as a housekeeper for her cousin and uncle, great wife, doesn't pay any attention to her kids, loves to judge the world but herself, and loves to threaten to get what she wants. Punishes but never praises. Immature!

Josh James, 19 years old, finished college, about to attend university, respects his family, owns a nice car, lives with his mother but is working on getting an apartment, loves his friends and treats them well, but when ANYTHING or ANYONE gets him mad, he will take his anger out on whoever is near. Immature.

Balbina Montanez, 22 years old, went a year to college, currently unemployed, cleans the house for her mother, gets along with all her siblings BUT ONE because she gets away with everything. Immature!

My point is, age doesn't matter, appearance doesn't matter. Where you work at or what you own, doesn't matter. We're ALL some how immature. Truth is, some of us are TOO damn stubborn to admit it.


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    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 

      6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      True, I suppose, we are all a mixture of mature and immature. Even at my ripe age, I do self-indulgent things that I would label immature or irresponsible. This would be a good question to ask in the Question area. What is maturitity anyway, and who has it?


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