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Short Story About Family: Mavis's Bold Adventure Part One

Updated on January 24, 2017

Meet Mavis

Mavis Nell Snyder knows she is probably one of the least girly, girls in the world. Her hobbies consist of collecting bugs, pins, old telephones, silly sunglasses, and smelly old sneakers. She also has three older brothers Bud, Bobo, and Billy, plus three younger sisters Babette, Ann and Alice, which puts her dead center as the middle child. But don't be fooled by that whole middle child label, Mavis is a spitfire of a child, even though most of the time she was sweet as cherry pie, you didn't want to make her mad. Her bad temper could give the hulk a run for his money.

Mavis and her family live in a three-bedroom shack in the small quiet Texas town of Milly. Mavis's daddy Rick works as a coal miner and her mother Lilly is a stay home mom. Mavis and her older brothers all work at the local Farmer Market and her sisters, well as Mavis likes to say it, "Oh those lazy girly, girls don't do nothing but stare in the mirror all day. " Mavis is not quite as strong as her brothers, but I dare you to tell her that.

One day while Mavis was getting the eggs ready to take to the market, she overheard her mother on the phone talking to her Aunt Dilly. Mavis could not believe what she was hearing, her mother told her Aunt that they were about to lose their house if they couldn't come up with $25,000.00.

Mavis vowed that she was not going to let no "bloodsucking" banker come and take what is theirs. She knew she had to do something and fast. She ran straight to her brothers and told them about the conversation she had just heard her mother and Aunt Dilly have. Bobo looked and Mavis and said, "girl have you lost your ever-loving mind, we pay our bill every month, so stop lying. " Mavis did not like to be called a liar, she knew what she just heard, she balled her fist up to Bobo and said, "next time you call me a liar I will smack you so hard our granny will feel it, besides if you don't, believe me, ask mama. " Bobo looked at Mavis and said, "fine I will boney" and him, Mavis and the other brothers all ran to the house.

I Told You So

Mavis was the first to crash through the door in her usual rambunctious manner screaming, "Mama we need to talk to you, I heard what you told Aunt Dilly. " Lily walked out of the kitchen and said, "I am right here Mavis stop all that shouting before you scare the chickens. "

Once Mavis caught her breath she looked at her mother and asked, "Now mama I heard what you said about the house and I know I wasn't hearing things, so please tell Bobo so he can look like the ass he is, ha ha. " Bobo balled his fist up and shook it at Mavis, lily grabbed his hand and said, "that is enough unless you both want a spoon across that behind you both better mind your manners. " Lily looked at her children and told them, " Mavis is right about the house our banker Mr. Solee said either we come up with $25,000.00 or they are going to take our house, it has to do with some kind of mix up with the deed. Even though they admitted the problem was their fault they still refuse to fix it. "

Mavis looked her mama and began to cry, her brothers began to cry as well. Lily looked at her babies and asked them to please keep this from their sisters, they just couldn't take it. Bobo looked as his mother and replied, "mama we can and will get through this you watch if we have to work night and day we will have that money. That old leech won't be taking this house. "
Mavis and her other brothers agreed, Mavis hugged her mother and said, "mama where there is a will there is a way, ya member you taught us that."


The Plan

Later that night Mavis and her brothers decided they needed to get their game plan rolling. Mavis looked at Billy and said, "hey you are strong Billy, you can give that big ole meanie a knuckle sandwich. " Billy looked at Mavis and told her, Now Mavis that ain't gonna happen, violence don't do anything but cause more violence. " Mavis just shrugged her shoulders she knew Billy was right. "Well I might have an idea," Bobo said, Mavis looked at Bobo with amusement and said, "You have an idea Mister I am amazed you even put your own clothes on. " Bobo turned redder than a beet after Mavis's comment, he looked at her shook his fist and said, "I am about to crack your nugget, boney. " Billy told them both to shut their big mouths and start thinking of something to help save their home instead of fighting all the time.

Mavis knew Billy was right, he was always right, and she began to think, it didn't take long before all that thinking gave her an idea that could bring them one step closer to saving their home. She looked at Billy and said, "you know Billy you are pretty wise, you're also strong as an ox, they have the strong man challenge every year and it just so happens that it is next month. Which would give us plenty of time to get ready plus save the house. " Billy said, "I heard about those things but you really think I could win, " Mavis said, "absolutely, without a doubt you could, now the prize is just $10,000.00 but that would, at least, put us almost halfway there. We could make the rest of the money all working doubles at the market. "

Billy began to smile and said, "alright we have our plan, I will sign up for the strong man challenge tomorrow, a game plan started. "

To Be Continued................................................................


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    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      Thank you for your comment Gypsy Rose Lee, I love your pen name it reminds me of that song The Rose.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Very interesting. Grand plan indeed. Will take a look at what's coming up next.