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Short Story About Family: Mavis's Bold Adventure Part Two

Updated on January 24, 2017

Big Ole Boy Billy

The next morning Mavis and Billy went down to the county courthouse to sign up for the strong man challenge. Billy was strong as an ox anyone could tell just by looking at him, the boy was almost 7-feet tall and weighed a whopping 300 pounds of pure muscle. Mavis walked up to the counter and asked the woman at the front desk what they needed to do to sign up for the challenge.

The woman kind of gave Mavis a weird look then said, "honey I think you might be a little to young and small for this. " Mavis chuckled then looked at the little old clerk and said, "no silly, I meant my brother wants to sign up. " The clerk starting laughing and replied, " now that makes a little more sense. Well, first he needs to do all his paperwork and then be able to pass a physical. "

Mavis looked at the clerk and replied, "Well that sure sounds easy enough, let's go Billy" and off they went to get started.

Passed with Flying Colors

Mavis and Billy went back home to tell her brothers how everything went. When they arrived Bobo looked at Mavis and asked, "well what did they say, boney? " Mavis replied, "we got this in the bag, you might as well call that money ours. The only thing he needs to be able to compete is paperwork and a physical, see easy as pie. "

Bobo replied, "it sounds like you might be right, little sister. We need to call Dr.Palmer to set up an appointment. " Billy looked at Mavis and asked, " could you call the doc for me sis, I am going to be filling out this paperwork? " Mavis looked at Billy and answered, "sure Billy, bill, no problem" and off she went to call the doc.

Mavis had to call the doc several times before she got an answer, then once she finally got a hold of him, the lady in the office immediately put her on hold for what seemed liked forever. Mavis was just about to hang up and call again when she heard the lady ask, "hello Dr.Palmer's office may I help you? " Mavis replied, Dang bout time, you guys take forever. Well, see I need to make an appointment for my brother Billy. " The lady then asked, " okay well when would you like to make the appointment? " Mavis replied, "as soon as possible, " the lady told Mavis they could come later that afternoon.

Mavis ran to tell Billy they had an appointment set for that afternoon. When she got to Billy she notices he looked awful frustrated. She asked, "well Billy what's wrong with you? " He shook his head and replied, "Mavis I can't read all this paperwork, too many big words. " Mavis told Billy not to worry she would help him later and to just go get ready. See Billy may be a big strong boy but he always had a little trouble with reading, he was completely dyslexic.

Later that afternoon Billy and Mavis headed off to Dr.Palmer's office. When they arrived the lady at the desk greeted them with a very warm, "why hello there. " She then took the pair back into the office. Mavis looked at Billy after an hour or so of waiting and said, "my goodness, these people are slow as a turtle. " Billy laughed and replied, " I know Mavis, we just got to be patient and wait.

Not long after Billy said that Dr.Palmer walked through the door and asked, "why hey there Bill, what can I do for you today. Billy replied, "well I need a full physical, see I am going to be in the strongman challenge. " Dr. Palmer looked at Billy with a smile and said, "why Bill that is great, well let's get started.

The physical didn't take too long and after it was done Dr.Palmer looked at billy and said, "well bill you passed with flying colors. Mavis and billy jumped up and down with joy, they knew this put them another step closer to their goal of saving their home.

To Be Continued........................................................



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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Good to know that Bill passed that physical. Looking forward to the next.