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Short Story About Family: Mavis's Bold Adventure Part Three

Updated on January 24, 2017

More than One Lesson Learned

Mavis ran into the house screaming, "he passed his physical with flying colors, now all we need to do is turn in that paper work. " Her brothers were happy as can be they where so close to victory, they could taste it. Mavis looked at Billy and told him to get his paper work.

Billy ran to get his paper and handed it to Mavis, but she looked at him with a frown and said, "No Billy, I am going to help you, not do it for you. " Billy kind in a muffled tone replied, "I am just a big dodo. "Mavis told him he wasn't, he just needed to learn how to focus and concentrate. Mavis took a glass and put it in front of Billy and told him to look at the different scratches and lines in the cup and told him to count them. Billy looked at Mavis kind of weird and asked, "now how is that suppose to help me? " Mavis replied, " it will teach you how to focus on more than one object, now stop yapping and do what I said. I may be young but stupid I am not and neither are you." Billy did as she had asked then showed her what he had counted. Then Mavis told him to read what he could of his paper work and she would help him with the rest.

Within no time Billy was quickly beginning to be able to go back and make his mind focus on his letters so he could see words a little clearer. It took forever to complete all his papers but he eventually did and then Mavis and Billy headed to the courthouse to sign Billy up for the strong man challenge.

No sooner than they got there the papers where filed and approved, Mavis looked at Billy and said, "well Billy, let's get to training. Billy replied, "yes Mame! "

Crunch Time

Training started the moment Billy was enrolled in the challenge, Mavis even had him chase her bike on the way home from the courthouse. Mavis put Billy through some grueling training, his daily routine was an hour of weight training and an hour of cardio. By bedtime he was asleep before he hit the sheets. One day during his cardio he got a cramp in his side. Billy looked at Mavis and said, "look Mavis your killing me, I won't even be able to walk on the day of the challenge if I keep working out like this. Mavis looked at Billy and said, "alright maybe we have been pushing it a bit much, but we only got two more days left now so maybe we can let you rest."

Billy was so happy by the words he heard Mavis say that he gave her a nearly bone crushing hug. Mavis yelled, "lord Billy your crushing my bones Bubba, ha ha. " Billy let go and began his relaxing day of just siting down. He was too tired for anything else.

Those last days before the challenge went by rather fast and Mavis was so excited, the big day was finally here at last.

Welcome to The Strong Man Challenge

Mavis ran to wake up Billy screaming, "wake up, wake up, it's time. " Billy looked at Mavis yawned and went back to sleep. Then all of a sudden whack, Mavis hit him on the head with a pillow and said, "getup lazy. " Billy yelled, "Mavis I am up already know go on, dang girl, calm down. " Mavis knew it might not be a good idea to have him in a bad mood that day, so she apologized and left the room so he could get ready.

Once everyone was dressed they devoured one of their mama's delicious super-sized breakfast, well except Billy he had a protein shake with a couple of bananas and some scrambled eggs. As soon as breakfast was finished they dashed out the door and headed to the Texas State park for the challenge. When they arrived everyone but Billy was asked to take a seat somewhere, Billy looked at Mavis and his brothers and said, "this is for us, I will give it my all."

The first challenge was the log toss, all the men lined up and one by one threw their log. Mavis could have sworn Billy won the toss but according to the judges, another player had threw his a tad bit farther. The second challenge was the ax throw, Mavis looked at her other brothers and said, "now you know he has this one in the bag, " her brothers agreed. The men all threw with all their might but on this one Mavis was right. His ax almost cut the tree in half. The next and final challenge was the obstacle course, which was ridiculously hard but Mavis had faith in her brother and she was right. Billy did win the challenge he was given the title of strongest man in Texas and handed a $10,000.00 check.

Mavis and her brothers all head home just as happy as can be. They ran in the door and screamed, "mama we got the money. " Lily began to cry and hugged her babies and said, "well you did say you would save our home, but honey this is just $10,000.00. " Mavis ran out of the room and told her mama to follow her. Lily could hardly keep up. Mavis slammed open the door to her bedroom, plopped on the floor and grabbed a lock box from underneath her bed.

Lily opened the box and couldn't believe her eyes, there was $15,000.00 dollars inside. Lily asked, "Mavis how did you get all this. Mavis smiled and said, "mama by working like a dog, every last one of us have been working doubles the last couple of months and saving almost every last penny. Lily hugged Mavis and asked, "baby you know what this means? " Mavis replied, "of course I do we have enough money to keep our house."

The next day the family went straight to the bank to payoff the banker and they lived happily, country, after.



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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Sure do like happy endings.