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Updated on November 26, 2009


May! ©-MFB III    

May flowers the world,
firmly docked on the shores
of my corner of this planet.

A long awaited friend ship
of Springs quarters
is here in full regalia.

Tiny new life disembarks
from many corners of the earth.

Tulips whisper of freedom
at long last
stretching high to the God
of their creation.

Daffodils trumpet their
arrival to a new land.
Free of the cold darkness,
and their long sleeping dreams,
freshly awakened
from winters rule.

Robins carpet the earth
in speckles of red
darting to and fro
pulling long brown threads
from the blankets of green.

The sun hangs
like a ten
trillion watt
light bulb
incubating the earth.

May I dance in the
fresh green grass,
or go rolling
with the dandy lions.
as their yellow manes
caress my face.

May I breath
the sweet scent
of fresh cut lawns,
and bask in the glory
of just being alive
in a world that is so
full of death.

"I May"
and so I shall!


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