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May I Have The Envelpe Please "Moderation Moderation Moderation"

Updated on January 10, 2013
A moderator, Bad idea
A moderator, Bad idea
Example of not moderated
Example of not moderated

Common Sense

Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. At least that's how Webster defines it. I am not saying that moderation could cure cancer or balance the Nations budget, or maybe I am. There are so many examples that can be used. One is in Sex Education. I just turned sixty and grew up in what is referred to as the “Innocent Age”. When sex education was finally taught in school the boys and girls were separated as they should be. Each group was shown sex specific film about how babies were made and how our bodies would change. I remember it being taught by a women who prided herself in pounding it into the heads of young boys that under no circumstance should they ever attempt to or engage in “Masturbation”. By her own accounts we would be wasting time that could be spent playing baseball or riding bikes. She was convinced we would be hiding in corners or caves pursuing self gratification. This was a public school not Catholic. She would have had an easier time convincing us not to breath. The other big deal was that we were not to tell the other group or boys younger than us about what we seen. This lead to me getting my wife pregnant at fifteen and really not sure of how, other than the mechanics of which a monkey on crack would know. Fast forward to today when the educator is telling student how long the “Organism should last and teaching the Kama Sutra”. Moderation. There is a higher amount of pregnant teens in schools than ever and they are supposed to be better informed. My neighbor is another good example. He is retired and cuts hair for a living four days a week. He drives an almost new Ford F150 which comes equipped from the factory with an anti-theft alarm system. We have lived here almost two years and at five thirty am when he leaves for work, which doesn't begin till eight am and is only ten minutes away he sets off his alarm which involves the horn sirens and a whoop whoop noise spending another five minutes tying to turn it off. This also happens in the evening when he returns home. Now we don't live in “The Hood” and the crime rate here is almost zero. Again Moderation. This applies to everything. In the paper last week a women was featured in the kitchen she designed. My modest house has about the same square footage as her kitchen. She has a dishwasher for pots and pans and one for dishes and one for glasses. She has a five thousand dollar industrial grade stove which can boil a pot of water in less than a minute with its own faucet over the stove to fill that pot. A gourmet chef you might ask? No. In her own words “ I make a lot of Craft Mac and Cheese for the kids.” Need I say more? Congress could balance the budget I know if they lessen the extremes. The Middle East could find a peace accord if only they would give a little here and there. Dare I say I have solved world peace? Well I haven't because somewhere some place there will be “ The Knucklehead” who would say “ Now that there is too easy. We have to form a committee and then a focus group to investigate what ramifications would occur. Also that may cause the spotted owl or the bear relieving itself in the woods to become agitated and then it might become extinct.” MODERATON PLEASE.


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