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May I Introduce Myself?

Updated on April 26, 2017

Let me introduce myself for all the world to see,

my dignity has flown away

from social chains I'm free.

We go through life, acting our part - showing our better side,

until one day we fluff our lines

and truth no longer hides.

We're on the stage, the stage of life, no prompter is in sight,

we make a mess - we look a fool,

right there - in the limelight.

Our dignity, that's been our mask, is stripped off like a plaster,

we soldier on with scraps of strength,

the best that we can muster.

Embarassment, our greatest foe, has laid our soul down bare,

removing all its furnishings,

till we no longer care.

With nothing left to hang on to, our soul no longer aches,

but could it be that what was there,

was there for pride's sake?

Let me introduce myself, my heart has been set free,

my vanity has flown away

and all that's left is - me.


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    • apricot profile image

      apricot 7 years ago from Italy

      Yes, for sure...I reckon pride still keeps clinging on there the beginning at least. But then again it depends on what kind of love - I think there can be a lot of vanity involved in loving somewhere - it sort of reflects what you are yourself, doesn't it? Hmmmm, you've got me pondering now...thanks for that, Dark Heart! (Nice to meet you, by the way!)

    • Dark Heart profile image

      Dark Heart 7 years ago

      I like this. Doesn't love sometimes make you

      strip yourself bare without pretense or pride?

    • apricot profile image

      apricot 7 years ago from Italy

      I wish he hadn't taken photos though!! I can't wait to hear your stories!!

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Ha! Funny story, Apricot! I got a couple that will have you rolling on the floor but I won't share just yet! At least you can laugh about it now. I admire your boyfriend for telling it like it is. Not many significant others are as honest. Thanks!