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Maybe My Love

Updated on September 15, 2017
Nitya Agarwal profile image

L'il did I know, my love for you is just not a usual infatuation but a true pure hearted feeling that made me do things, for you, for us..

L'il did I know

I was in love, you were in love ,
I was with you ,you were with me ,
Butterflies flew in my heart ,
Crocodiles resided in your eyes ,
L'il did I know, love can mean infatuation too!

L'il did I know, infatuations can lead to awesomeness but heartbreaks too!

L'il did I know, not everyone who is by your side is not always your lover and a well wisher.
L'il did I know, heartbreaks can break a soul, destroy a mind and put cracks that might go so deep inside every vein of the cardiac I got.
L'il did I know, the fevicols we got in market were never for me, were never really for me.
L'il did I know, you'll become my oxygen and you'll become my therapist.
I used to visit my doctor regularly but l'il did I know, now my doctor owns a place in my pumping organ.
L'il did I know, one can be a criminal and a healer at the same time!
I knew I'll fall for you, but l'il did I know I'll fall so hard that getting back up will become the most daring goal.
People say," Internal wounds give more pain and take a longer time to heal."

L'il did I know, some can never heal.

You didn't stab on my back, you just waved a hand at my front.
Everything was visible but I never knew this'll bring out the worse in me. I don't know what I should be, but yes, you can be an oint for me. Yayy you can really be.
L'il did I know, the most cheerful ones are the worst at in.
For this world, I am someone who is full of life, but only I know the life I have is no more mine.
Time is running, but the hands in the clock are still.
L'il did I know, actions can lie too!
A heart, a soul, a person, my love, my life, my laughters, my sorrow, for me, defination of all is you.
These days I have stopped laughing my heart out, people think my sense of humour has high standards and so did I.
L'il did I know, my laughter is gone. The day you left, my life left me too !
Fantasies? Weirdest fantasies!
Dreams? Careless dreams!
Life? An inspirational life!
L'il did I know, the weirdest fantasies have become the wildest after you left, the careless dreams are now the carefree ones, the inspirational life is a terrifying one.
All I need is you, your support, your hand in my hand and just you, fearlessly, carelessly, just you. Just you and just me.
You and me, I want us to be we. I just want us to be WE.❤

© 2017 Nitya Agarwal


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