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Maybe you could like a girl like me

Updated on May 3, 2012

Maybe You could Like A Girl Like Me

I think you could like me , I'm almost sure you would

I'm not saying im great but I am kind of good

I can be loving , and funny and anything you like

I can laugh and sing and even cycle a bike

I know its not much but it could be enough

please don't chase me up on that , do not call my bluff

because I'm not sure really if you would like me at all

I'm not that bright, beautiful and not even that tall

but I do have a kind heart if you ever need one

I know its not much but a lot could be done

with just a girl and her love to give

it doesnt even take me that long to forgive

just in case anything you did was wrong

not that it was possible your pretty headstrong

and handsome so handsome and funny too

I don't know much , but I do like you

and I think you could feel the same if you tried

I do not cheat and I rarely lie

I make mistakes but who doesn't do silly things

not that i'm silly I just , but you never know what life brings

anyway i'm rambling sorry if I bore you

did I mention i can be fun too?

And ditsy and sexy and whatever you want me to be

But who am I kidding , what would you see in a girl me

i'm clumsy , i'm messy , I say sorry all of the time

I rarely look after my appearence, and I can barely rhyme

I sleep in bed all day and I leave cups lying around

I laugh at stupid things and I fall to the ground

I give my heart away alot and never get much of it back

I find it hard to pick myself up when I have fallen off track

but I could love you and cuddle you when your down

I could make you laugh when all you want to do is frown

I can be different than anyone else I am one of a kind

I'd be so honoured to even pass through your mind

I'l notice the small things you do that nobody else could see

All i'm saying is, maybe you could someday possibly like a girl like me.


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