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Me and My Turtle Poem by PoemsandStories

Updated on June 16, 2014
Me and My Turtle  Childrens Poems
Me and My Turtle Childrens Poems

Me and My Turtle

  • I found a turtle down in the creek.
  • It was green, had a hard shell,
  • and he Loves to eat.

  • I took him home to find him a box.
  • I put lots of grass, twigs, water,
  • food and even rocks.

  • My turtle is so cool, I show all my friends.
  • I have taken him to school and bring
  • him back home again.

  • He loves water and swims.
  • He eats lettuce, grubs, worms,
  • and sometimes even grins.

Author PoemsandStories.


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    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      Oh, my, I love your cute little pet stories for children. I will share with my granddaughters this weekend. They will love them all. Voted Up In His Love, Faith Reaper