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Javanese and Footwear in Use

Updated on April 15, 2018
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Halley is a teacher who loves to write and always wants to learn. through this writing to be better and provide benefits in information

women of Java
women of Java | Source

Javanese and their Shoes

Shoes are something that we usually use as a need for various activities. what I write, is meant to inform you. Regarding shoes from opinions or views that you do not know. Read it carefully and you will be interested to know more. thus making you fall in love with what you read.

I started by introducing a tribe in Indonesia. tribe with the largest population in Indonesia. Who has the call / designation "Javanese".

The Javanese are one of the largest population groups in Southeast Asia called Indonesia. The simplicity of their personality identity. Manners become a habit taught from generation to generation. Tone soft in speaking. as well as, respect for others. became their trademark, accompanied by the uniqueness of the Javanese tribe that has been worldwide is batik cloth. The craft has been known worldwide. Batik has also been regarded as the identity of the Indonesian nation. this simple review. Hope this gives you a simple idea of ​​the Javanese.


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The Four Meanings of Wearing Shoes

Shoes are used as foot protectors. Material selection also determines the wearer's comfort. You all know the shoes. some of us make this thing a hobby to collect.

There is a simple assumption about the use of shoes around my neighborhood. "Shoes are considered a pride". the sentence, associated with this simple writing. Please read the explanation as follows:

Shoes and Humans.

All humans in different parts of the world know shoes. the first shoe is used as a complement to protect the limbs.

Basic human needs regarding the use of shoes as a foot protector, experiencing a shift in meaning. Being, the use of shoes is considered the pride of the wearer. that meaning could have arisen, based on its ownership of unique shoes and a different "limited edition". Some others, choose to use shoes for use in the work world.

exemplified as a director will use shoes that mark himself as a leader. Like, an athlete will use his shoes to support his daily activities.

In addition one of us makes the shoes as a complement activity according to the circumstances / time underlying its use.

The importance of shoes used by humans as one of the fundamental needs. Shoes made by hand be an option to be different. High sales value with purchasing power for shoe users will show. What's the use of shoes for?

after the above description you can understand. "Using Shoes" from the land of Java Indonesia.

Some people think people who wear shoes are people who have enough wealth. shoes as objects have the value and advantages of objects that have the same usability of sandals.

The habits of our society are accustomed to moving without a foothold. a comparison of opinions arising from other societies.

Simple information in this paper can be used as a comparison for the reader as well. The use of shoes used by the Javanese became a joke for some people in the social interaction in our neighborhood.

There are four meanings that I convey to you about the meaning of using / wearing shoes for the people of Java.

  1. Javanese who wear shoes are considered to have been able in economic terms.
  2. Javanese who wear shoes are considered to forget their identity.
  3. Javanese who wear shoes are considered arrogant human beings.
  4. Javanese who use shoes are considered as a symbol of success.

of the four reasons above. jealousy caused by the inability to cause a negative outlook arises from a small number of people. "The Javanese do not deserve to wear shoes". on the contrary, there are also assumptions. "The Javanese while using his shoes will be a proud man and can enslave others".

This does not mean to be a joke for you to laugh. This article can be a comparison. Are there the same assumptions in your Neighborhood?

Advancement of information leads to increased knowledge, to make the more intelligent humans in our environment. It is also the solution of the negative assumption "Javanese people who wear shoes" slowly began to disappear by itself. High social spirits among friends, neighbors, and relatives make us understand each other. so we can learn to respect each other. and eliminating the paradigm "Java people do not deserve to wear shoes"

Shoe | Source

Choice of Footwear

1. Sandals

Sandals as a first choice for any outdoor activities. sandals identical to the freedom of its users. for some circles can be freely in and out of the house. for some other sandals just located in the courtyard of the house.

2. Shoes

Shoes as a second option that is only used based on the circumstances and time associated with the user. shoes can be a second necessity for a weak society in the financial. shoes also become one of the aspects assessed for its users.

Sandals | Source
shoe | Source


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© 2018 Halley Kawistoro


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