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Meaning of words Four Letter Words

Updated on August 4, 2017

A four letter word is not necessarily a swear word

A very young Tusitala Tom, indeed.  This shot was taken in the very early 1960s.
A very young Tusitala Tom, indeed. This shot was taken in the very early 1960s.

Want to learn another meaning for a four letter word? Then read on.

Welcome to Meaning of Words Four Letter Words - I hope you weren't expecting some sort of vulgarity here. No, here I would like to write a short testimonial which advocates that the English Language is more than inconsistent, it is sometimes downright misleading.

That the English Language is inconsistent and the shorter the word the greater the inconsistent is quite apparent. Yes, even four and three letter words wreak of 'inconsistency,' if I might use that term. So let's have a look at some of them...

What's my angle?

What's my angle? My angle is to dangle a line- as in fishing. It has nothing to do with the Angles who settled in East Anglia, or an isoleses tri-angle in geometry

But let us deal with some four-letter words. No, they're not all 'rude.' I mean rude as in vulgar, not as in rudimentary.

Take tack. You can hit a tack with a hammer, take another course -as in a sailboat which takes another tack, or add something to it, i.e. tack in on the end. Or am I just being a little tacky here?

A loaf is not bread alone...

Take another four letter-word: loaf. You can eat a loaf, or loaf at work (that is, goof off or, as they say in Australia, bludge)

Now we come to three letter words...

It's in the three letter words that we have our real problems. For example: birds lay eggs, waitresses lay tables, surveyors find 'the lay of the land.' 19th Century sealers and whalers were paid under a lay system, and amorous sailors are always looking for a good lay.

A three letter word versus a four letter word...who knows which are worse...

Can you understand that? I mean can you. Are you able? Not the can you put bully-beef or sardines inside. Nor the canny Scot. And what about the Follies and the can-can? If you can't, we could always can the idea. Yep, the English Language is...sorta complicated ain't it?

I rest my case.

I hope you liked this very brief article Meaning of Words Four Letter Words.

Keep smiling



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  • smartlaw profile image

    smartlaw 7 years ago from Nigeria

    What a funny write, I love it men,

    Keep the flag flying, weldone