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Meant to Be--Forever You and Me

Updated on November 21, 2011

Growing up I remember watching all the Disney princess movies. Each one bringing new excitement and dreams to my young life. There are many a memory attached to these films and dreams that children hold in their hearts for a lifetime. Still today they invoke many young girls and woman to find that perfect prince charming to sweep them off their feet and take them to some far away land where they can live happily ever after.

Finding that perfect prince is not easy, it takes work and an evaluation time and time again of the standards we have for our men. We want our princes to be handsome with all the right facial features, to have money to shower us with the things we want or think we need, he has to be brave, and smart, funny, and sweet. How can one man alone fit into these high standards? He can't.

Love is a powerful thing, yet it is rarely recognized as a requirement for our men. Without love a relationship cannot last. Love goes above and beyond just a feeling of passion, it's a commitment to always be there for the other. To cherish and hold on to our dear partner for life through the good and the bad.

This poem is a look at what a perfect man could look like. He's no prince charming, but he's human and just like me. He brings out the best in me and I in him. Who could ask for more?

Beloved Disney Castle
Beloved Disney Castle | Source

You and Me

You are my whole world, everything I long for.

I want to always be here to open new doors.

Those eyes shine like the night sky,

As we laugh and the hours fly by.

Sparkling crystal watercolor blues

Showing me all of you.

Spending forever with you by my side

To have and to hold, with nothing to hide.

Together always, that’s where we fit,

Holding hands with faces lit.

Completely one together with you

There is nothing we couldn’t do.

That contagious laugh, sweet smile

That walk for miles.

What a world that awaits for us,

My prince you will never have to fuss.

Forever and always I’ll be your shining star,

If you promise to stay my superman near or far.

Love will hold us together you will see,

Forever and always until eternity.

Enjoy the little things that make you laugh and enjoy each others company. Take risks and let your inner child shine. Sometimes we all just need to let go and allow ourselves to be carried by the One who created us. He will always bring us to the love that is meant to be.


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