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Meant to be Lived

Updated on June 21, 2014

What's Your Opinion:

How do you want to be remembered?

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There's a saying:

"Jeans should be skinny & wallets should be fat."

Have you ever heard a more awful statement?!!!

I say:
"People should carry a few extra pounds, and enjoy
all the tastes of this life that God has provided for us.

Wallets should be skinny, because we should give
to others generously.

We need to stop worrying about vainity and savor
all the flavors of all the cultures.

We need to stop worrying about having material
items and start spending more quality time with
family, friends, and helping others.

When we die, no one will remember us because
we were overwieght, or had a nice car, or had the
coolest gaming system.

We will be remembered because we were kind and
loving, because we helped others and lived life the
way it was meant to be lived... through love.

YOU will be remembered for how YOU reach out and
touch others' lives!"

What's Your Opinion:

Do you think people put too much empasis on being wealthy and skinny?

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    • Bettyoverstreet10 profile image

      Betty (Alawine) Overstreet 3 years ago from Vacaville, Ca.

      Thanks for following me on HP Michelle! I enjoyed this hub very much, can't wait to read more. You may join me on my music page: or web site

    • jeremycolombo profile image

      jeremycolombo 3 years ago

      We should live life as if there is no tomorrow because God did not promise us there would be a tomorrow. Being kind and generous go a long way. We certainly cannot take any of our earthly possessions with us!

    • Michelle Ascani profile image

      Michelle Ascani 6 years ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas

      So many people miss the whole point of this life. Some are lucky enough to get the point, but only after their life is almost over. There are a select few that actually realize that this life is not about themselves, but, in fact, that this life is about reaching out and helping others. Think how amazing this world would be... if everyone loved, helped, and cared about people other than themselves.

    • laidbacklady profile image

      Linda 6 years ago from Plumsted Township, NJ

      Very nice, Michelle! I could not have said it better myself! You are absolutely correct, we should de-materialize our lives a bit and be more involved with people and not things. Voted up, beautiful and awesome!