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Mechnical Bliss | Tech Poetry for the 21st century mind

Updated on December 28, 2012

Need I say more!

Our words are like oceans after high tide on the web they surely crash
In these bright lit days of locomotion we get stuck on blind paths
many in seek of digital treasures

Abundant funds await for those whom think wisely and act fast
Research we all recover from broken bones and ancient manuscripts aged by wounded souls from distant past majestic spells already lost to a worded world so cryptic its sick

The depths of innovation have summoned cloud atlas nations

A cyber-world of cyclic continuum
bringing rise to cloud computing G+ communities and repetitive salutations digital immunities

All Our cumulative ingenious collective voices all combined as one Interconnected time zone of graphical equations telepathic web pages of linear schematic rhyme

Minds blown into bits of digitized partitions by missing their truest data points prefixed suffixed integral interpolated misconceived key worded indexes

till the nth degrees of Tetra drive capacity reached!
no breath or blinking eyes, just pure voices screaming and shouting
for unearthliness is upon us all

new doubts enraged standing somewhere with a trapped destiny soiled in silty clays technological mold structure of spoiled unworthiness

Engraved into steel beams mechanism after mechanism in hot scorching pursuit of more of that artificial happiness tech gadgets and such

Mere needles to a ravaged spirit torn from the inner and outer nature clearly disintegrating particularly by chaotic distortions misdirections & interpretation

Reading demented page after page of utter misguided mess to add to the internal flames & of that ultra personal online life's inferno of shear stress

The days of natural radiance are coming close to an end or new beginning for most brain toasted folks, and its no joke or laughing matter at all so keep close

As the internal war rages onwards like never before
from cytoplasm to Nucleic chromosomal missile defense mechanisms

Shall we all lose this outer battle? The inhuman Matrix of text algorithm wars


Yes I have and so done it!

The filthy age of clones spawning armies of micro-machine-designed penicillin

mechanical minds bearing arms in these bomb ticking times as all of society is slowly transfigured into pained out drug fiend's and no sign of true deliverance

The brain has been stone-aged for eons on end and there's nothing left to find that's truly new to us my poor technical soldier boy and girl friends

Cancerous dusted off mentalities only good for Carbon dating each other

Gold dust regenerated precipitated and reincarnated into our lifelines of every mother sister child father brother Aunt uncle grand parent and daughter

Commercially televised heart twisted bending trends ingesting them

artificially inseminated carbonated blends
The Blood Acid wars to breathe up gasping for oxygen like a fish out of water

due to poor PH balance once again
our cellular respiration is at arrest without a fight nor a challenge
being tossed into a stone walled mechanistic cage for ages to build up to today's rages! lacking metabolic homeostasic balance

Against the pollution fueled by more & more luminous Machines!!!!!

All Illuminating evidence of a preexisting ancestor of mine

known as that ever so clever washing time machine of green paper's daily grind



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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Hey Exploring, yay! you made it here, yes indeed Ruby I delve into a unique technological form of poetry writing (Been doing it for years now), and even though I haven't a large crowd of viewers yet, it pleases me to creatto it all.

      Getting these terminologies out of my mind is my aim, and it feels so good to do it here on hubpages, and you just never know how many folks may someday be able to relate right! Thanks for the cool comment.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Wow, This Tech poetry is brand new to me but brilliant!


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