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Meet Big Mr Grizzly Bear

Updated on April 21, 2016

Free Book Content in Poetry Form by Shonah Milne Melton.... ideal for preschoolers.... fun.... entertaining...

Have you ever seen a big Grizzly Bear?

How close did you get, or didn’t you dare?

Did he show you his teeth when he grinned at you?

Or did you see them when he sneezed because he had flu?

Carefully watch when he scratches his jaw,

Note his huge claw on his hairy paw,

Lazily he can clobber any interfering prey,

And end its life that very same day.

For big Grizzly may look cuddly and cute,

As he chews on a beehive, or a juicy root,

But in actual fact, he’s strong and tough,

And playing with him can get rather rough.

So admire your friend from a sensible safe place,

Because he could easily rearrange your beautiful face!


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