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Meet Mister Magic

Updated on May 25, 2014

Meet Mr Magic

Holly and her Grandad, who she sometimes called Glan-Glan, lived in a beautiful lane, inside a beautiful little village.

Their lane was the ideal place for adventures.

In winter, when it rained a lot, there would be lots and lots of very big puddles. Grandad would hold Holly’s hand and together, they would walk down the lane splashing in the very biggest puddles they could find.

Both of them would get very, very wet.

Even though they were wearing their wellie boots, the puddles would be so deep and splashy that the water would get inside their boots and make their socks and trousers extremely wet.

Then, when they got back home, they would be in trouble because Grandad would forget that they were supposed to take their wet, muddy boots and their wet, muddy socks off on the kitchen mat and so, he and Holly would walk their wet, muddy footprints all over the kitchen floor.

Then, Nana would tell Grandad off. She would say “Naughty Grandad. Just look at my nice clean carpet. Now it is all muddy and wet. You are supposed to take your muddy, wet, wellie boots off outside!

Grandad would have to say “Sorry, Nana” and look sad.

Holly would laugh. She always thought it was very funny when Nana told Grandad off. Sometimes, she even made up things that Grandad had done and then run to tell Nana, so that Nana would tell him off.

She would say things like “Nana. Grandad made crumbs on the carpet with his biscuit. You go tell him off, Nana”

And then, Holly would laugh very excitedly while Nana told naughty Grandad off.

One day, Nana said that she had seen a big sign, saying that the circus was at their village today.

The circus was another big adventure. It had clowns and elephants and jugglers, all inside a tent that was as big as a field. There were also lots of interesting stalls where you could buy things.

When Holly heard about the circus she said “Can we go and see the circus, Grandad?”

As Grandad hardly ever said “No”, he said “Yes, Holly. We can. But not until we have had lunch and a little nap. We don’t want to be tired when we go to see the circus, do we?”

So, after Grandad and Holly had played lots of games in the garden and had their lunch and then had a little nap, they set off in Grandad’s car and went to see the circus.

“See you later, Nana” said Holly

“Ok” said Nana “look after Grandad and don’t let him be a naughty boy at the circus”

“Alright, Nana” said Holly. Then she turned to Grandad and said “You be a good boy at the circus, Glan-Glan, or Nana will tell you off”

And then, Holly took Grandad’s hand and off they went.

At the circus they saw lots of wonderful things. Very exciting things.

They saw elephants walking round in a circle holding on to each other’s tails. The elephants were big and grey and they used their long, wavy trunks to do lots of clever things, like drinking water or picking up big logs.

They saw jugglers, who were throwing lots of things into the air all at once and then catching them again.

The jugglers juggled all sorts of things.

They juggled balls.

And they juggled hoops.

And they juggled fiery sticks.

And they juggled eggs, without breaking any. That was very clever indeed

And they saw clowns, who drove around in funny cars that fell apart and then they would throw custard pies and water at each other.

Holly and Grandad laughed and they laughed and they laughed, at all the silly, daft, funny things that the clowns did.

And then, the circus show finished and everyone clapped and cheered because it had been so wonderful

“Come on” said Grandad “let’s go and find some things to buy”.

So, off they went, and soon Holly and Grandad found the market that travelled with the circus.

There were lots of wonderful things to buy.

They had all sorts of very tasty cakes and sweets. They had lots of clown dolls and elephant dolls and other fun toys, too.

Grandad gave Holly some of her pocket money and with it she bought two circus cakes, which looked like custard pies, some elephant sweets and a small person’s juggling set.

They were just about to walk back to Grandad's car when they both saw another, small tent that neither of them had noticed before now.

“That’s funny” thought Grandad “I am sure that tent wasn’t there when we walked past just a few minutes ago.

They went inside the tent.

There was a man behind the counter.

He was a very funny looking man. In fact, he looked as if he was a clown, from the circus.

He had bright, bushy green hair which grew like a great big bush on top of his head and Grandad was sure that one of his eyes was blue while the other eye was red! And he wore a funny little coat that was yellow and had pictures of trees all over it.

Grandad and Holly walked over to his little counter, which was full of very pretty wooden boxes, which also had pictures of trees painted on them. They were not much bigger than Holly’s hand.

“Good day, good day” said the man “Roll up, roll up and buy a small, pretty gift for a small pretty girl”

Holly looked at the man very carefully. Then Grandad looked at the man very carefully. Then, the man looked at Grandad and Holly very carefully.

“Hello man” said Holly “What’s your name? My name is Holly and this is MY Grandad”

Holly always told people that Grandad was HER Grandad, just in case they thought that he could be their Grandad, too. Holly didn’t like the thought of Grandad being someone else’s Grandad. He was only HER Grandad!

“Hello, Holly” the man replied “My name is Mr Magic”

Holly bounced up and down, tugging at Grandad's hand. She thought magic was a very wonderful thing. After all, Tinkerbell and Peter pan were magical and she LOVED Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. She thought Mr Magic must be like them.

“Can you fly?” asked Holly “Do you have magic fairy dust?”

Mr Magic smiled. “No” he said “No magic fairy dust, just magic tree boxes. Would you like to look at one?”

Grandad looked at the boxes very carefully. He only wanted things for Holly that were very safe. He didn’t want any strange, tricky boxes.

“What’s in them?” he asked, suspiciously

Mr Magic smiled again. “No need to worry, Grandad. Nothing harmful or dangerous. They just have a few magic seeds in them. Nothing more than that. Ideal for a bit of an adventure, I would say”

“Adventure, Grandad. Adventure”” shouted Holly. “I NEED one of those adventure boxes. I just LOVE them” she screamed.

Whenever she wanted something lots and lots, she always told Grandad that she ‘needed’ whatever it was and the she just ‘loved’ whatever it was.

Grandad, who was a bit of a softy who could never say ‘No’ said “Ok then. We will buy one of these adventure boxes, Holly.” Then he said to Mr Magic, “What, exactly, is inside the box, Mr Magic?”

“Oh, just a few little seeds” Mr Magic replied “Just take them home, put them in the soil at the end of your garden, water them a little bit and then, go to bed, and see what happens”

“Sounds a bit like that story about the giant beanstalk” said Grandad

“Well” said Mr Magic “Who do you think gave the little boy those magic beans, in exchange for his cow?”

“So, how much do these little boxes cost?” asked Grandad

“Hmmmmm. Let me see” replied Mr Magic, then he thought for a few moments before saying “Tell you what, I will swap you. Do you have any lollipops?”

“Yes, yes” shouted Holly “I have a lolly. You can have my lolly and I have the box!”

As it was, Holly had about five lollies, so she didn’t mind swapping one for a box full of magic seeds!

Mr Magic put the little box in a bag, which also was yellow and had pictures of trees on it, and then he gave the bag to Holly.

“Off you go then” said Mr Magic “plant your seeds carefully, go to sleep nicely and then, in the morning, look out of your window and be ready for a special surprise”

“OK. Come on, Glan-Glan. We go home and plant our box in the garden”

And so, Grandad and Holly said ‘goodbye’ to Mr Magic and they set of home.

When they arrived back home, they told Nana all about their afternoon.

“My word” said Nana “The circus sounds like a very exciting thing.”

Then, when they told her all about Mr Magic and the box of magic seeds, Nana said they should go and plant the seeds right away because dinner was nearly ready and then it would be bath time and then sleepy time.

So they did.

Grandad held Holly’s hand as they walked to the garden and, right at the bottom of the garden, just past the sandpit, they made a tiny hole in the soil and in it they poured the seeds that were inside the little tree box.

Holly then watered the seeds with her little yellow watering can.

“There” said Holly “We planted our magic seeds and now they grow into a magic tree”

Grandad wasn’t sure what would happen. He just said “OK, Holly. But now we have to go and have some lovely, delicious dinner that Nana has made for you”

Holly had her dinner of Nana’s special casserole, followed by wibbly wobbly strawberry jelly, then some yummy strawberries and ice cream and, finally, a little fairy cake.

Holly watched some TV quietly, with Nana, while Grandad went and ran her bath. Then, she had a very splashy bath and Grandad got nearly as wet as Holly was.

They played with ducks and sponges and empty bottles that they filled with bubbly water and then, after a good, long playtime in the bath, it was time to go downstairs.

Nana dried Holly and put her Pyjamas on and they had a cuddle for a while, before Grandad finally took Holly up to bed and told her a favourite bedtime story, which was usually about the three little pigs, Goldilocks and The Three Bears or Jack and The Beanstalk.

This night, however, Holly wanted a circus story, so Grandad made one up, all about clowns and elephants and jugglers and lions and tigers.

After that, he sang her some songs and then, Holly went off to sleep very, very nicely like a really good girl.

The next morning, Grandad woke up at 6-o-clock.

Holly was calling out to him. “Glan-Glan. I need you. It’s important”

When Grandad went in to see Holly he said “Hello, Holly. Why are you shouting for me? What is important?”

Then, as she did every morning, Holly replied “Its wakey time, Ganga. Not sleepy time now. We go downstairs”

And so Grandad and Holly went downstairs, very quietly, to let Nana have some more sleep.

If Nana had to wake up before 7-o-clock and without a cup of tea, she would be VERY grumpy!

Grandad and Holly had some juice and a cup of tea then Grandad made Holly some toast.

After that, Holly said “Grandad, we go outside now?”

“It’s a bit early” said Grandad “I think we should wait just a little tiny while and then we can go out and give the guinea pigs some food.”

Holly, though, went on and on and on

“No Grandad. We go outside now. We go and see our seeds”

Then Grandad remembered the little seeds they had planted last night before Holly had gone to bed. He hoped she wouldn’t be too disappointed when she saw that nothing had happened.

“Well” said Grandad “It might take our little seeds a bit longer to grow yet, Holly. They will need lots of days and lots of food and the bumbly bee will have to give them lots of pollen before they grow. But, we can go and give them a little more water if you like?”

This sounded like a wonderful idea to Holly. She loved to watch the bumbly bees giving pollen to the flowers and plants and she really loved watering things with her little watering can. She jumped up and down and shouted “Yes please, Grandad. I put my coat on and my boots on and you put your coat on and we go out”

So that’s what they both did.

They put their boots on. Then they put their coats on. Then they zipped their zips up and finally, out they went.

They walked down the garden and then, suddenly they both stopped.

Holly stared at what she could see.

Then Grandad stared at what he could see.

And they could hardly believe their eyes.

There, at the bottom of Grandad's garden, where they had planted the tiny, little seeds only last night, there was a great big, giant tree that went up and up and up.

And as they both looked up and up and up until they could see the very top of the tree, they saw, right there at the very top, a beautiful tree house.

They held hands and both of them walked up to the tree.

Actually, Holly didn’t walk. She ran and while she was running, she was shouting “Look, Glan-Glan, look. A tree with a little tiny house at the top”

Grandad looked at the tree very carefully.

He put his hand out and very gently touched it.

Nothing happened, so he gave it a little push.

Nothing happened.

So he pushed it a little harder.

Still nothing happened.

Then, he gave it a little kick.

Something happened.

A very deep voice said “Hey, Grandad. Don’t you kick me. That’s not very nice”

Grandad and Holly both looked round to see who had spoken.

They saw no one.

So Grandad gave the tree another little kick

This time the tree ‘wobbled’ a little bit and the voice again said “Grandad! I thought I just told you. Please do NOT kick me”

Holly gave Grandad the naughty look that she used when he was being . . . well . . .naughty!

“Glan-Glan!” shouted Holly “The tree said not kick it”

Poor Grandad was a bit confused. This was very odd, being told off by a tree and a little three year old girl.

Just then, as he was thinking this, Holly shouted “Look, Grandad. A leafy leaf is flying”

What she meant was that a very large leaf was floating down from the tree, right in front of them and the leaf then landed on the ground, right by their feet.

Holly picked the leaf up and said “Grandad, leafy leaf has pictures”

Grandad picked the leaf up and he saw that the pictures were really words. There was writing on the leaf which had fluttered down from the tree that has just told him off!

The words said ‘Walk round to the back and climb my ladder. Lots of love. Tree.’

“You tell me what it say, Grandad” said Holly.

“Well . . . .” said Grandad “the tree says we should look for a ladder round the other side”

Straight away, Holly ran around to the back of the tree and started shouting, in a very excited little voice “Glan-Glan, Glan-Glan, look. A ladder. We can climb it up and up and up. I would LOVE to climb up and see that little house”

Grandad lifted Holly up onto the ladder and told her to climb, in front of him, so he was right there to hold on to her, just in case she slipped.

“Oh me, oh my” thought Grandad “It’s a good job Nana is still asleep and doesn’t know about this. We had better be quick. She might wake up soon and want to know where her cup of tea is!”

It was only a short climb up the ladder. Although the tree looked as tall as the clouds when they were standing on the grass looking up, it seemed that Grandad and Holly only climbed about six or seven rungs of the ladder when, all of a sudden, they were standing on a little porch outside a front door.

The door had a sign on it, which said ‘Knock me three times if you want to come inside’

Holly pointed to the sign and asked Grandad what it was. “What’s that, Glan-Glan?”

“Well” began Grandad “it is a sign that says if we want to go inside, we should knock on the door three times”

Holly was very good with her numbers. She knew every one of them right the way up to ten, so, before Grandad could stop her, she knocked on the door and counted as she did. “One . . .two . . .three”

And then, just as she said ‘three’, as if by magic (which is what it was) the door slowly opened.

From out of the doorway a voice said “Hello. Welcome to the Breaky House. Do come inside”

Holly and Grandad very slowly walked inside the little tree house which, apparently, was called Breaky house

Grandad and Holly stopped just inside the tree house and their eyes were as big as big could be, as they started in wonder at the beautiful little house they were in.

Holly stood very still and whispered “Wow! Look Grandad. I think this must be a fairy house”

Grandad knew exactly what Holly meant. The inside of the tree house did indeed look like the inside of a lovely, magic fairy house.

Just then, as they both stood staring, something came running along, shouting “Yippee, yippee. Hooray, hooray”

At first, Grandad thought it was a middle sized dog but then he saw that it looked sort of more like a brown rectangle. With arms and legs and eyes. Anyway, it couldn’t be a dog. Dogs don’t shout ‘Yippee or Hooray’

No, this definitely looked more like, well to be exact, it looked more like . . . . .

A Suitcase!

Right then, at the exact same time that Grandad was thinking that, the little brown rectangle stopped and said “Hello. My name is Sammy Suitcase. How nice to meet you both”

Poor Grandad was so surprised that he nearly fell over. Holly sat down on the floor and laughed and laughed and laughed.

She had NEVER seen anything so wonderful as a walking, talking suitcase.

She was a little bit shy, though, so she said to Grandad, in a little, tiny whisper “You say Hello to the Sammy Suitcase, Glan-Glan”

So, Grandad did.

“Er . . . . . Hello, Sammy Suitcase” said Grandad

“Hello Grandad” said Sammy and then, he started running around in a very excited way once more.

Suddenly, out of a little door, at the back of the Breaky House appeared a man. He was a very funny looking man. In fact, he looked as if he was a clown, from the circus.

He had bright, bushy green hair which grew like a great big bush on top of his head and Grandad was sure that one of his eyes was blue while the other eye was red! And he wore a funny little coat that was yellow and had pictures of trees all over it.

And he looked EXACTLY like the man who had given them the tree box with the magic seeds in, yesterday, at the circus.

In fact, he WAS the man who had given them the tree box with the magic seeds in, yesterday, at the circus.

“Hello, Grandad and Holly” said Mr Magic “I see your magic seeds grew and grew and grew last night, while you were both having your sleepy time.”

Grandad didn’t know what to say. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A magic tree that could talk. Leaves with words written on them. A magic tree house. A walking, talking suitcase and now, Mr Magic, who had given them the magic seeds in exchange for a lollipop!

Grandad felt that he needed to sit down and have a cup of tea and what on earth would Nana say about this?

Just then, Mr Magic clapped his hands and, as if by magic (which is what it was) a little table came running across the room, and stopped right in front of them, with a cup of tea, some fruit juice and lovely, warm slices of toast.

“My word. Thank you” said Grandad.

Holly just sat and stared at the little table. Then she crawled around on the floor for a while, looking very closely at the table’s little feet.

“Mmmmm” said Holly “Yummy toast and joooce” Holly always said ‘juice’ in rather a funny way.

Holly and Grandad sat down on some chairs that had wandered over to the table and started to eat their toast and drink their drinks.

“Thank you for planting those little seeds” said Mr Magic “because you did that, my little Breaky House grew in the night while you were asleep, and you were able to come and visit me”

“Breaky and Sammy are very, very excited” said Mr Magic “They have never met a real Grandad and a real Holly before today.”

“I excited, too” said Holly. “I never met a Sammy or a Breaky before” and she started to bounce up and down on her chair.

Every time she bounced, the chair made a sort of ‘whooshing’ sound and said “Ouch!”

“Now” said Mr Magic “Would anyone like to go on an adventure?”

Holly and Grandad both shouted “Yes please!!”

Sammy also shouted “Yes please”

And all around them, they could hear Breaky House saying “Yes please”

So, Mr Magic took them all on an adventure. And they didn’t have to actually go anywhere.

Suddenly, the whole house felt as if it was moving. Very safely, I should add.

Grandad went over to one of the windows and he looked out and then down and he could see that the tree was now gone and instead, Breaky House appeared to have grown legs and was walking along, taking big, giant sized steps.

They seemed to be going very, very quickly and before very long, there, right in front of them, they could see the sea and the waves and the sand.

Breaky stopped right by the water, on a lovely sandy beach.

Grandad had no idea where the beach was, but it was very warm.

Grandad and Holly and Mr Magic and Sammy Suitcase went outside and they spent the whole day making the most wonderful sand castles and splashing in the sea and eating ice cream and lovely sticky jam doughnuts and having the best fun ever.

Mr Magic had a magic bucket and spade.

Although his bucket looked like an ordinary bucket, every time he filled it with sand and turned it upside down, a different shape of sandcastle came out.

And if he got tired and wanted a rest, the bucket and the spade would carry on digging all by themselves and keep making the most amazing sandcastles!

Sammy Suitcase dug a big trench all the way from the sandcastle to the sea so that when he had finished, the sea sploshed up his trench, all the way to the sandcastle, and made a little river all the way round it.

Grandad explained to Holly that the river was called ‘a moat’

“If only we had a boat” said Grandad, looking out to sea “we would go and explore that tiny island over there”

He was pointing to an island that they could see, not far away from the beach.

“Well” said Mr Magic “It is getting a bit late now. Nearly tea time, in fact. But maybe next time we come here we could go and explore the island. Maybe have a bit of an adventure”

Grandad and Holly thought that was a wonderful idea.

Then, as it was getting late and they were all starting to feel tired, they went back inside Breaky House again and very soon they could feel him walking along until, in no time at all, they were back in Grandad's garden again.

Grandad and Holly both said ‘Thank you very much’ to their new friends. They had all had such a wonderful day but now, it was time to go and see Nana and tell her all about their day of adventures.

“Would you like to go on another adventure tomorrow?” asked Mr Magic

“Oh yes please” shouted Grandad and Holly. ”Maybe we can go and see the island”

“Ok then. See you in the morning” said Mr Magic “We will be right here again”

“But what will I tell Nana and other people when they ask about the giant tree and the tree house in our garden?” asked Grandad

Mr Magic smiled and said “Don’t you worry, Grandad. This is all magic, so no one can see any of it. Only you and Holly. You see, it is our special, magic secret”

And so, Grandad and Holly climbed back down the little ladder and went running off to see Nana and tell her all about their exciting day.

They ran into the house and there was Nana who was busy making dinner.

“Hello you two” said Nana “Have you had a good day? I got the note that you left, Grandad, saying that you were both going off on an adventure. Did you have fun?”

Grandad was puzzled. He didn’t remember leaving Nana a note. He would have to ask Mr Magic about that when he saw him next time.

Holly then told Nana all about their adventure with Mr Magic and Sammy Suitcase and Breaky House and their trip to the seaside and having tea and joooce and toast in Mr Magic’s little house.

Nana smiled and said “My word, Holly, you HAVE had a busy day. I hope Grandad has been a good boy and that he hasn’t been doing anything naughty.

Holly looked carefully at Grandad and then said to Nana “Grandad been a good boy, Nana. He not a naughty boy today”

So Nana said “Well done Grandad. Good boy”

And then she said, “come on then. It’s time for dinner now, then it will be bath time and then, sleepy time. You need to have a good rest if you are going to go on any more adventures tomorrow. Who knows what you two will be up to next. Visiting strange, magic islands I bet!”

But then, she smiled and winked one eye at Grandad, as if to say ‘I know all about your special, magic secret’

Of course, Nana couldn’t know about their secret adventure, could she?

Of course not. Well . . . not unless Nana was . . .well . . . a little bit magical too!

The End


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