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Meeting Sophia

Updated on May 1, 2011

Sophia - as the name says,

Its wisdom,

Wisdom, the thing which I am trying to achieve,

In the world which has made me insane.

And when we finally meet,

She tries hard to persuade me,

That the world in which we live in,

Is full of positivities and beauty.

She tries hard to make me understand,

That whatever has happened in the past,

Was a part of some mysterious plan.

And one day she says that she will pray for me,,

For a life that I truly deserve,

A wish which is not going to come true on this Earth.

For a life as good as my heart,

But this heart is broken, beaten and scarred.

For a life as bright as my smile,

The smile which is on exile.

And for a life as wonderful as me.

All her good gestures towards me make me believe,

That she is full of liveliness, care, innocence and belief.


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    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      thanks for the comments Sofs

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 6 years ago

      Well you met lady wisdom I guess!! Yes life has its own way of dishing out the good and the if winter comes can spring be far behind.