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Meggan Costume History

Updated on March 20, 2014
Meggan Costume History
Meggan Costume History | Source


Meggan’s mutant powers made her life difficult right from the beginning. She was born in England, near Fenborough Station, to a British Romanichal family, during a blizzard. In Order to protect herself from the cold, Meggan’s body began to grow fur. This horrified her family and they thought of her as some sort of monster. The idea of Meggan being an evil creature was only reinforced by the fact she was born close to an ancient British fortress thought to be the site of dark magic. Meggan began feeding on these thoughts swirling around her and physically started changing into a monster. She had webbed hands and feet, claws on her fingers, patagia under her arms and antennas sprouting out of her head. With a truly monstrous form, her family hid her from the public. Isolated from the rest of the world, Meggan immersed herself in television. It became her only tool for education. This led to Meggan being naïve to many realities of the real world, pop culture and practically illiterate. Captain Britain has become one of the key figures in Meggan’s life and they would share a long history together. When she first crossed paths with Captain Britain, they fought each other. They quickly become friends and she teamed up with him on many of his adventures. She fell in love with Captain Britain, but he did not reciprocate these feelings. However, when a telepath told Meggan of her soul’s beauty, she was able to control her powers and maintain a more attractive appearance. For some reason, Captain Britain fell in love with this more controlled version of Meggan. Hmmm...I wonder why he had the change of heart? As might be expected, they had a long but sometimes rocky relationship.

When Meggan and Captain Britain battled a group of bounty hunters from different extradimensional worlds called the Technet, they teamed up with Nightcrawler, Phoenix and Shadowcat. These heroes would come together on a permanent basis and form the superhero team known as Excalibur. Meggan’s time with Excalibur would be a major milestone in her life. Her teammates helped bring her up to date on real world events and furthered her education beyond the little glimpses she taught herself by watching television as a child. Douglock was especially interested in helping Meggan further her education. This went beyond the importance of knowing things like Doctor Doom is a villain, but also helping her understand the social world she now lived in. Meggan and Nightcrawler would develop a strong attraction that drove Captain Britain away. However, Meggan and Captain Britain's love was strong and they would eventually marry in the 1998 issue of Excalibur #125. Beyond relationships, Meggan came into her own and found her confidence while working with Excalibur. She would often take on a leadership role within the group. This confidence came in handy when Captain Britain was chosen as the Omniversal Guardian of the Otherworld. Meggan would rule at his side as a queen and helped him find the next Captain Britain.

Meggan is a great team player, but she can take care of herself. When Meggan was trapped in Hell, she was still able to sense the hope that existed on the outside. When the Lord of Hell tricks her into once again taking on a monstrous form and then tossing her into another area of Hell, Meggan uses her powers and creates an army of demons and rebelled against the Lord of Hell. With her powers of empathy, Meggan and her army are extremely effective in their war and she eventually finds herself back in possession of her beautiful form and escapes Hell.

Alan Moore and Alan Davis created Meggan for the 1983 issue of Mighty World of Marvel #7. This was a british comic released by Marvel UK, which is an imprint company of the larger Marvel Comics based in the United States. Her origin story would not be revealed until 1985 in another Marvel UK comic, Captain Britain #8. Meggan did make an official appearance in an American comic book until the 1986 issue of New Mutants #2.


The old saying about powers being a blessing and a curse is the perfect description for Meggan’s mutant abilities. Her empathic metamorph powers have made her a formidable opponent for almost any adversary she comes across, but have left her psychologically vulnerable. Meggan’s empathy allows her to sense the emotions and feelings of all living things. She can even sense the psychic, natural and mystical energy of the humans, animals and plants she comes in contact with. One side effect of her strong empathic powers is that she can easily learn other languages and the non verbal communications of different races and species quickly. On the down side, she is extremely susceptible to her own emotions and the mood of all those around her. This can lead to her being distracted and lose focus on what she is doing. It can also interfere with her shapeshifting abilities and cause her to physically change to fit the emotional states she is experiencing. She did eventually learned to gain more control over her empathy and was able to project her emotions onto others. However, she is still vulnerable to telepathic manipulation. Meggan’s empathic powers are based on a psionic link to the natural elements of the Earth and allow her to communicate with the environment. She can actually control the ecosystem with her thoughts. This has given her almost god like powers. Meggan has controlled the weather, caused earthquakes, manipulate magnetic fields, moved atoms and been seen controlling mystical energies. It is this power that allows Meggan to fly, her preferred method of transportation.

As briefly mentioned earlier, Meggan has the ability to shapeshift. She can assume the form of any creature, whether it exist in real life or just the imagination. She appears to draw this power from the Earth itself, making almost any form possible. In order to become the thing she is changing into, Meggan is able to add or subtract mass and manipulate her density. She once grew large enough to battle Galactus. However, as she grew to match this planet-eater's size, the more destabilized the environment around her became. Even more impressive is Meggan’s ability to mimic any superpower, allowing her to truly transform into anybody she wants. Although it required a ton of mystical energy, Meggan was able to turn herself into a female Silver Surfer. Her shapeshifting also takes on more subtle forms to adapt to her environment. Growing hair to stay warm or gills to breath underwater are ways her body will subconsciously respond. Her body will change according to her mood, especially her facial features. However, she prefers to take the form of a beautiful blond women with pointy ears. it is believed that this may be subconsciously based on Captain Britain’s thoughts. She did not actually know her true form for many years after meeting Captain Britain. She is naturally taller than a normal human, has long platinum blond hair, pointed ears and black eyes.

Original Costume

Meggan’s first costume was a combination of elements that are not typically found together in a single outfit. Like many heroines, the majority of her costume was a skin tight bodysuit. This orangish brown suit was cut low in the back and had no sleeves or shoes. The interesting part of the costume was the baggy turtle neck incorporated into the top. It is not surprising that Meggan would wear this costume while she was in her original monstrous form. The sleeveless design and low cut back would not restrict her bat wings and allowed for freer movement. Although she would stick with the shoeless costume choice in later designs, her clawed feet made shoes impractical. Of course, perceiving herself as a monster explains her wanting to cover up with a baggy turtleneck. The surprising thing is that she stuck with this costume for a long period of time after being able to maintain her attractive human form. The fact that Meggan didn’t instantly embrace the “flaunt it, if you got it” mindset, shows how naivé Meggan was to the world she now openly lived in.

Original Meggan Costume
Original Meggan Costume

Goblin Princess

Meggan’s power of empathy made her extremely vulnerable to the events of Inferno. So when S’ym and N’astirh used the New Mutants to open a portal between Limbo and Earth for a demonic invasion, Madelyn Pryor was turned into the Goblin Queen and Meggan transformed into the Goblin Princess.

As the Goblin Princess, Meggan would make a drastic change to her clothing choice. While her original costume was relatively modest, this one left little to the imagination. The costume drew its inspiration from the horror films Meggan had watched growing up. It was a reflection of how she perceived a sensual, evil villain should look. Her blond hair sticking straight up was a clear reference to the hairstyle made famous in the Bride of Frankenstein. The rest of her outfit was modeled after a dominatrix and shows signs of being influenced by Tim Curry’s character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Meggan wore a bodice that covered just enough skin to pass the comic code authority, but not a centimeter more. In fact, either her opera gloves or thigh-high stiletto boots probably contained more fabric than the body of her costume. To give the illusion of being clothed, she wore fishnet stockings that ran from her legs to mid torso. The torn cape added a nice demonic flare to the entire ensemble.

Meggan as Goblin Princess
Meggan as Goblin Princess

Classic Costume

As Meggan spent more time in society with her superhero family, she became wiser in the ways of the world. As she grew, so did her costume choices. Meggan switched to a dark-green bodysuit that looked more like the superhero costumes of the time. It was not her first costume, nor would it be the longest worn, but it is one of the most popular amongst comic fans. She would return to this costume on several occasions. No longer having to worry about batwings sprouting uncontrollably from her body, she went with long sleeves, but left her shoulders exposed. Her costume still did not have feet, but because she prefers to fly everywhere and her powers are closely tied to the natural/spiritual Earth, it made sense that she would feel comfortable being bare foot. Thick black stripes formed the letter M on the fabric. These stripes not only added some much needed color, but also accentuated the womanly figure she preferred to use.

Classic Green Meggan Costume
Classic Green Meggan Costume
Meggan X-Men Costume
Meggan X-Men Costume


As a mutant, it was inevitable that Meggan would grow closer to the X-Men. To help show her relationship with her new friends and family, Meggan would design a new costume. She stuck with the green color scheme, but went with a lighter shade of green on top. She kept the barefoot look and her costume now stopped at the bust, creating more of a bodice. Her green opera gloves were covered with intricately decorated, golden gauntlets, that could double as jewelry. Keeping with the X-Men theme, she had a golden belt, with an X on the buckle, slung diagonally across her hips.

Hell’s Hope

When Meggan was trapped in Hell, she looked like an elf from Dungeons and Dragons. She wore a flowing, low cut peasant dress, with billowing sleeves. She had a brown leather corset cinched tightly around her waist. She also sported matching boots and wrist straps that were laced closed. Meggan had a pouch attached at her waist, that looked like something a sorceress might wear. To add to her magical look, she had on a hooded, scarlet cloak.

Meggan White Dress in Hell
Meggan White Dress in Hell


Meggan is not the most popular mutant in the Marvel Universe, but she does have her base of loyal fans.

Meggan Cosplay Costumes
Meggan Cosplay Costumes | Source


I like to get a good sample of cosplay costumes at the end of these articles to show how these characters costumes would translate into real life. However, all the costume I found of Meggan were of her classic green bodysuit and were only shown by a handful of models. So I included the Heromorph pictures, because there was a better selection of costumes. They take picture of real people and Photoshop them into different characters.

Meggan Heromorph Art
Meggan Heromorph Art | Source

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Google Images (Images appeared on several sites and was unsure of original)

And of course: Reading way too many comic books.


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