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Melancholy Kitty.

Updated on January 21, 2012

Melancholy Kitty

Melancholy kitty
in a lime green

collared head,
the parakeet

got smarter,
saved himself

from being dead,
He bent the bars

within his cage
and squeezed

his body through,
then flew into

a fruit bowl,
where he gave

the cat his due,
He pushed a

cantelope that sat
on the edge of

that huge bowl,
down on the kitties

left front paw,
it was time

to rock-n-roll,

He pecked an

apple by the stem
and tossed it

somewhat south,
the kitty looked

up in dismay
as it hit him

in the mouth,
By then the world

was raining fruit
and pummeling

that kitty,
while the parakeet

just bobbed

his head
and sang

a little ditty.
He took

a lime

and sliced it
with his sharp

beak to

the pulp,
his face got

birdie puckered
as he swallowed

its last gulp,
He made a

goofy little cap,
to go on

kitties skull
which he dropped

with smooth precision,
as the cat


"That's all!"

He scrambled from

the mashed

up fruit,
and hid in

his cat bed,
the lime juice

was all sticky,
glueing that rind

to his head,
The birdie got

back in his cage,
and bent the

bars to straight,
then when the

mistress came

back home,
her mood was

quite irate.

She blamed the

kitty for

the mess,
and then she went

and bought,
a kennel

to keep

limehead in,
Poor cat was


So now

when no

one is at home,
the parakeet

just dances,
while the

kitty mopes

inside his jail,
and flips the bird

mean glances.
Like Tweety

and Sylvester,
the bird always

comes out fine,
when the kitty

comes to pester,
he gets busted

every time.




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