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Membership letter sample, welcome example letter template

Updated on October 1, 2009

Thousands of welcome letters are written everyday by people welcoming new members to their services. Many established organisations have a template or single pre-written letter which they mail out automatically to welcome new members. Below is a membership letter sample welcoming a new student member to a professional organisation. This type of letter can be easily modified for a different situation. Note that welcome letters are intended to provide all the information and resources that the new member needs. Some of them are also written to sell an organisation's backend products or services and to encourage new members to stay on indefinitely.

Click here to learn how to write your own membership and other types of letters.


Ms Calla Foster
12 New York Street
Bridge Town
WA 53636

Dear Ms Foster,

Welcome to the Professional Scientists Organisation (PSO)

Thank you for signing up for a PSO membership. Your subscription will allow us to provide you and the scientists’ community with strong and effective representation. In these fast changing times, we are always striving to overcome the challenges that the profession faces. We focus on supporting people like you throughout your career and standing for the interests of scientists.

As a member of our organisation, we will help you as you progress towards qualification by making the information you need available, advising on issues that affect your professional development and by providing guidance during your studies.

You will be able to benefit from an extensive range of training and educational resources as well as get access to state-of-the-art labs for your use at any time. You will also get substantial discounts on products and services from our partner organisations. The full range of benefits can be found in this welcome pack or by logging in online at

Your new membership starts immediately and you have been automatically been approved for all the necessary privileges. Details of your membership are shown on your membership card including renewal dates and your membership number. Feel free to contact member support services at 000 000 000 0000 or email at if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

I am pleased to let you know that you are part of a fast growing and dynamic professional organisation.

Once again thank for joining us and we look forward to providing you with a positive experience that will help build your professional career.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Auto
Member Support Services Manager


Membership letter sample, welcome example letter template
Membership letter sample, welcome example letter template


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      We coudv'le done with that insight early on.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for your attention!AIK will run the Letter Writing Marathon(LWM) on December 2012. We will let people know through News letter and SNS before the campaign begins. Of course, you can find the info on our website!Please join us when the LWM starts!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I had car accident (it wasn't my fault, it was paerkd when another car run into it). Few days after I've received a letter from my isurance company saying: Please contact us to confirm how the details of the other party were optained? . Also they are asking me if I was a witness of the accident or did a witness provide me with information. I don't know what exactly they are asking about? Dothey want to know how I get details of the other driver or are they asking about the company that have my car now to repair it?


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