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Memo Saying Too Much

Updated on December 20, 2017

This was not the new millennium if words could speak someone's heart leaked this Victorian love hit hard to darkness and she felt both heart's went traveling

Our minds are racing heart is slowing down, and you want to say what's on your mind, but something felt gone with the wind.

Let's always jot things down even living for the now the new millennium. You're the Queen of your domain. We became living like robots like the product Alexia everything to be Googled.How it became so easy we need to use our brains.

Somehow the past has a way of keeping our minds useful we are more capable of doing the things we love that are true and meaningful. So just jot something down it's from your mind, not the computers this world makes us lazy, Sometimes we're not thinking clearly.But what really holds us together is our family. Stay happy and believe in yourself.

How can we say anything when we are just helpless to say something.Things get laid out like artifacts, and love has away to make us react

Are we held back to

say anything

Way on top of

the mountain

Go forward to hear


But kept secrets

A burden of crying

But hearts were flowing

Love fountains

Destined we meet

Those artifacts

"Peter the Great"

Truly love facts

Memo crumbling

Demo voice rambling

Saying too much

But he doesn't hear you

So distraught mumbling

Back in time torn tumbling

Your computer wasn't born

But your heart is reloading

Too ignite what you want to say'

Waiting another day

Feeling a void

Nobody ever tells you

That emptiness weighs the most

How I felt so much that I started to

feel like nothing

How he courted me like cites

Your voice got weaker with

laryngitis you had bones to pick

with him such tightness of

arthritis in court you swear to talk

But he kept you silent how love got

defiant was it better to romance in the

Victorian times or back to the future

How it went gone with the wind

Scarlet moods of her pasture

Getting really annoyed

You became an Andriod

To restart new but your living

Old fashionable old

One educated voice should

have the choice to say

something like a Lambright

My time of the labyrinth

Phemonemonical of course

So hard driven to love delusional

A memo heart so devotional

You could see the stars tears

form emotional

The stars silence at the Cosmo

Trying to say a word or two

To be romanced by the "Lake Como"

Your saying too much inconsolable

But he comes forward giving a

speech Unbelievable

But what is truly conceivable

Or is it commendable

Saying so little like the rhyme

The historical cat in the fiddle

A love is vital so given

Love became stolen kiss

Like a Jean Honore'

"Artsy Amore" but lost your


Your heart and soul left

speechless he became


But you felt his words

mean so much

But saying less was enough

You were sold on his kiss

The "Saint of Petersburg"

His winter palace tip of the


A love without big expectation's

But saying too much-left no promise

The Russian Versailles Romantic fountains Peter the Great loved water to put to life the best sculptors how the construction of this beauty never stopped

Perhaps some people Miss Scarlet have to much to say. Sometimes saying less makes you more inviting never the less

The Fiddler on the roof or the Cat in the Fiddle. This is a unique painting somehow everything is built with conditions we are creatures of things territorial.


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