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Memories Are Special

Updated on September 20, 2014

It's Who We Are

As the days pass and slowly turn into years

We can say we have lived

When we look back and reflect on our lives

Bringing back the magic moments that are imbedded in our heads

I like to think all our good times are like seeds planted

They grow and keep developing with proper care and love

The bad times are lessons to be learned

Teaching us

Preparing us for a better life

We may no understand them but they are necessary for growth

All the people we meet make our life interesting and filled with endless adventure

We must all seek our own journey

Even though we start out with the help of our family and friends

They are here to lead us in the right direction

There are many choices to make

Some good some very bad

If we make the wrong choices we have to suffer the consequences

Temptation can lead us to some of the worst things

This is where are influences can help or hurt us

One of the greatest gifts we have in our life is the ability of choice

Where we get to decide what to do or not to do

Be very careful here

Quick decisions we may regret

Think of all the possible outcomes of our actions

How it not only affects us but the people around us

We have the ability to dream and create in our mind

A vision

So special it can show us what might be

What could happen if

Then we can carefully decide what choice is best

As our life plays out like a movie on a screen

We are the lead actors larger than life

Taking chances and risks

Living and loving

Sharing and caring

Then there are some people that didn't make the right choices

They are stressed and unhappy

Some suffer in pain and struggle

Little do they know what they could of had

Some where in their life they made some serious mistakes

That can cost them years or even their whole life

Smart people can learn from their tragic stories

If we take notice and understand that could be us

We can have forgiveness and empathy

Every day we have a treasure chest to dive into

Richer than any precious metal known to man

It is here we can relive all our memories over and over again

Experiencing the feelings that separate us from the whole animal kingdom

So many people forget the power they have

They get so caught up in the unimportant things that take away from who we are

Who we are capable of being

Those people who understand how life works

Spend their time helping other people enjoy their life

Leaving behind the greatest achievements for all mankind

So as you enjoy your day

Think of the decisions you make

Reflect on your memories

Carefully select the choices that are best

Above all live your life

Sharing your most ultimate gift


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