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Memories In High School

Updated on April 28, 2017
bbanks27 profile image

Brittany Banks is a young woman who is a very organized person. She loves to clean and create new ways to rearrange the house.

Memories- November 1, 2006

I look in the mirror

And see to my surprise-

A completely different person,

Staring deep into my eyes.

I remember the memories,

From all those years.

As I keep staring,

It brings me to tears.

The mean things people said-

Brought the strength out in me.

But the painful memories,

Won't let me be...

The scars I should have,

And all the screams.

No wonder in High School,

I had bad dreams.

I wish I had luck-

From a four-leaf clover,

So I can go back in time,

And definitely start over.

But time rolls on very fast.

I can't go back in time,

Because that is the past.

As I keep staring,

How long will this memory last?

Fool- June 6, 2007

I look around the hallways,

And walk around the school.

I think it's funny looking around,

And watching people trying to act cool.

As the months went by,

And even the years-

People change,

Especially my peers.

But to those who are different,

They are the ones that are cool.

Do you know why?

Because they're the ones that aren't a fool.

It's ok if you are not smart,

Or don't get straight A's.

But they do have a heart,

With feelings inside.

Why do you think they are different?

Because they don't want to hide.

Feelings- August 12, 2007

There's this girl I know,

With feeling inside.

She wants them to show,

But she wants to hide.

Her heart is an ache,

Because when people look at her-

They think she's a mistake.

So then she live in shame,

Because people at school,

Think she is lame.

She tries to act cool,

But every time she does,

She ends up being a fool.

She does care what they say,

Or what they do,

You might want to shut-up,

Or she'll hurt you.


As a parent, you do not want your child to become depressed. Please talk to your children and don't be the parent that my parents were. I went through a very depressed state. It's not a good place to be in. Luckily, I put it all in writing. My parents never knew, because they never talked to me.

Which poem did you like the most out of the three I wrote as a child?

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© 2017 Brittany Banks


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 months ago from New Delhi, India

      It’s a nice hub, expressing your feelings about your childhood. But at the same time, makes me sad to learn that there was a communication gap between you and your parents.

      Such things are not uncommon in our society. It is of course the parent’s responsibility to understand, what their child is going through. If not dealt with during the formative years of bringing up, these issues can become very complicated in a grown up child.

      It’s good that you are a writer—Writing is therapeutic !

      Thanks for sharing!

    • bbanks27 profile image

      Brittany Banks 10 months ago from Spokane, Washington

      Thank you!

    • Whispering Night profile image

      MICKEY MOUSE 10 months ago from our World

      I see your parents didn't talk or tried to understand you. There should be something common between you and your parents. Most of the parents are funny. It is rare to find a perfect family. Well, you have a family here in hubpages.