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Memories Linger

Updated on February 8, 2011

Memories linger in a tune so true;

I cringe at the last breath of you,

In the silence I shivered-

With hope your pain be delivered;

I weep as your voice echoes so dear

And of the times you were so near

I can find you in the pure white snow

and in the Spring were green grass grow

I can find you where ever you may go

You are in my thoughts and tears below;

How could we have known how you felt

We didn't realize the sadness you dealt

The way you laughed was so true

This way out was not you

You didn't have much in your time

You gave me three children whom are divine

One look from them reminds me of you

Your spirit lives on in this world of blue

This poem was written for my husband, whom took his own life in July of 2003.


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