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Memories of My Grandparents

Updated on October 18, 2017

My Grandparents

Margaret & Alexander Stirling aka Grandma and Grandpa Stirling
Margaret & Alexander Stirling aka Grandma and Grandpa Stirling | Source

Grandma & Grandpa

Two of the most loving, supportive people in my life were my grandparents. My mother died when I was 3 years old, and I went to live with my grandmother and grandfather temporarily until my father straightened out his affairs and what not.

From the time I was three years old until I moved to California with my father and stepmother, at the age of fourteen, I lived with my grandparents off and on during those eleven years.

Margaret Bruce Galloway Stirling

Margaret Bruce Galloway Stirling, was born in Paisley Scotland. After immigrating to Quebec, Canada, she met and married Alexander Stirling, who was from Apple Hill, Ontario. They had three children, Robert, Bruce, and Margaret.

Grandma's mothers maiden name was Bruce, and she would always tell me to never forget that I was a descendant of Robert the Bruce. Grandma always took great pride in the fact that she was part of the Bruce clan.

Robert the Bruce King of Scots
Robert the Bruce King of Scots | Source
Grandma, With my two cousins Sandy & Harold Stirling (I am in the middle)
Grandma, With my two cousins Sandy & Harold Stirling (I am in the middle) | Source

We were very close

I was very close to my grandmother and loved her dearly. Many of my cousins felt that I was her favorite grandchild. Whether this was true or not I really do not know. It was not like she would treat us any differently but I did spend a lot of time with her. I can remember her crying, as she would tell me stories of my mother. I so cherish those stories. If I was her favorite I can understand why as I was the only child that my mother had and maybe in some way Grandma felt closer to me because she had lost her only daughter.

A Funny Story

One of the funniest stories she told me was, one night when my mother had been out late, and when she arrived home wanted a snack to eat. She went to the fridge and found some kind of meat on a plate covered in wax paper. She proceeded to make herself a sandwich. The next morning she said to my grandmother “I don’t know what kind of meat that was that you had in the icebox Ma, but it sure was good.”

“What meat are you talking about Margaret, I didn’t have any meat in the icebox.” Grandma went to the fridge to see what she was talking about and says, “Oh no, that wasn’t meat, that was the dogs food!” I still laugh whenever I think of this story.

Calling a Cab to go to Grandmas

My stepmother and I were always at odds, and one day I had had enough abuse from her and decided I was going to run away. I think I was in grade 3 at the time. Anyways I knew I wanted to go to grandma’s house, so I called a cab. We were living in Ville St. Laurent at the time and grandma lived in Verdun. It was about a half an hour cab ride. When I got there I told the cab driver to please wait and that I would have my grandmother come down and pay him. My grandparents were on a fixed pension and needless to say grandma was not too happy with me, but she did pay the cab fare. I ended up staying with her and grandpa happily for about six months. I'm sure my stepmother was thrilled to be rid of me, and grandma was always happy when I was there as she loathed my stepmother.

Me in my Kilt that Grandma brought back from Scotland. Not sure who the lady beside my grandfather is but the lady beside me is my Aunt Mary Galloway
Me in my Kilt that Grandma brought back from Scotland. Not sure who the lady beside my grandfather is but the lady beside me is my Aunt Mary Galloway

Shopping Trips

On Saturdays Grandma and I would take bus and go downtown. We would make the rounds going from Eatons to Simpsons department stores, always stopping in the candy department. Grandma had a sweet tooth. When we would get home Grandma would always put the candy she had bought in her underwear drawer. I suppose she thought she was hiding it this way. Then at night when we would be watching television she would whisper to me, “Susan, go get a few candies out of my drawer for us, but only a few.”

Grandpa and Susan
Grandpa and Susan

Alexander Stirling

Grandpa Stirling was a quiet man whom I adored. He was always doing stuff to keep me entertained. As soon as I was old enough to hold a few cards in my hand, he taught me how to play snap, rummy, crazy eights, poker, and tried to teach me cribbage.

Saturdays I would patiently wait as grandpa would always hand me a dime saying to me, "Why don't you go down to the corner store and get us a bag of those barbecue chips we like. When you get back we'll watch the fights together on the squawk box." We both loved those Humpty Dumpty barbecue chips that used to come in the cellophane bags. When I would get back from the store grandpa and I would share the chips while watching wrestling matches on TV.

This hub has become quite long, but I do hope that you enjoyed reading it. I feel fortunate to have had grandparents that loved me so much. There are so many more wonderful memories I have of them, and I'll cherish these memories forever.


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