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Memories of New Orleans (Written after Katrina)

Updated on February 27, 2013

Memories of New Orleans

Keyboard of Green

Keyboard of Green Memory of New Orleans

Memories of New Orleans

Then there were none

They carried on their back

What they held so dear

Heaven bent to help them to dry land

Their despair was a cry of misery

Families were split by the waves of the levy

It will never be the same

Some even wonder if they will remain

Thousands have perished to prove

There is never one hand held out

But thousands, and that’s not few

It wasn’t fantasy any longer or a dream

Her quill was a keyboard of green

When the music went through her head

She glanced at the TV seeing so many dead

Notes became tears of sorrow

What could she do in New York

To help that small boy from the window

So why do we rely on the golden man

Whoever he is or where ever he stands

New Orleans music rides the open waves

To come in as a tide or go out in despair

Written (c) by B. A. Williams 2010

All Rights Reserved


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