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Memories of meeting

Updated on April 16, 2017

Beneath the frosted heaven above the fiery hell,
A meeting I remember, causing my heart to swell,
Your profound beauty me off my feet swept,
The secret of our meeting, still my lips have kept,

I want to create new, before the old ones fade,
Perhaps to change your heart, you I can persuade,
When we met the fragrance of roses my nose invade,
Your single smile all my problems slayed,

When we met the sound of wind chime I heard,
Seeing you my heart went soaring high like a bird,
The whisper your voice, in the winds I can hear,
Telling Me, when we meet, to hold you near,

My regret that our meeting is now in distant past,
The sheer amount of time gap leaves me aghast,
The secret that 'roses blossomed when we met',
Their closed buds, have now kept....


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