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Men and Cooking Food

Updated on August 6, 2012

Easy Cooking

Cooking is an important skill for everyone to learn. Men however have their own special ways of cooking. It’s easy, not pretty, and lazy, but when it comes down to being hungry you need to eat immediately. Why spend the time making everything look nice when it is just going to be eaten anyway? Here are a few guidelines for men to remember while choosing what to eat for your next meal.

Meat and More Meat

A guy gets hungry throughout the day and since we are natural carnivores, we like to eat meat. We like to eat meat wrapped in meat. So when you are looking in your fridge trying to figure out what to eat, don’t be afraid to combine foods, especially if they are close to an expiration date. Do you have bacon that’s about to go bad? And not in the mood for breakfast? Pull the steak out of the fridge and wrap the bacon around it. This way you are getting two helpings of meat in one meal and nothing is going to waste.


First of all, we don’t use fancy names like poultry. That word is there only to get your attention. Chicken is the word we use and this covers all parts of the chicken too. Breast, thighs, legs, wings, gizzards, it’s all chicken. You can use sauce on each part too, especially hot sauce. Hot sauce is a main ingredient when you cook with chicken and remember the hotter the better. If your hot sauce doesn’t make you fall down and cry then it isn’t real hot sauce. This isn’t showing emotions though so don’t worry, you’re only crying because the hot sauce is melting your eyes out.

Instant Noodles

What can be better than instant noodles? All you have to do is rip open a packet and add water. I know the three minute wait is excruciating, but it’s worth it. One fun idea is to add chicken or some meat in with the noodles after they are heated up. While the noodles are cooking in the microwave you can heat up some meat or chicken on the stove. Make sure the burner is on high so that your addition of choice is done when the noodles are. You can check the temperature if you want to but that doesn’t feel very manly.

Canned Food

Canned foods are one of the best inventions. It’s almost like having your food in its own little pot already. Beef stew, spaghetti, beans, soups, you can throw all of them right on the stove if you want. All you have to do is fill a pot with water, boil, open the can and place it in the water and heat it up. This gives you an extra metal flavor and some more minerals that your body needs. You can even mix canned foods and other foods together. Do you have chicken broth but really want chicken noodle soup? Toss those instant noodles into the broth and you are satisfied. You can even add in the chicken flavoring from the noodles for an extra gourmet touch.

Microwave Dinners

Let’s be serious for a moment, these are referred to as T.V. dinners for a reason. Men like to watch something exciting on television while eating. This is because our adrenaline and metabolism kicks in when we’re excited and in turn we are able to eat more. You can use the oven or microwave for these dinners, but you have to wait for the oven to heat up.The microwave is faster and fills your dinner with electromagnetic radiation. What could be better for you than that? Electromagnetic super powers maybe?


Men and grills go together like peanut butter and jelly. I suggest you cook everything on the grill no matter what it is. Meat, chicken, canned food, pizza, fruit, veggies, everything is better when cooked on open flames. Don’t forget to use a lot of lighter fluid so it makes a good fire ball when you light it. This is the signal for everyone around to know that you are going to begin.

No matter what you're cooking, remember to experiment and create your own dishes. Cooking can be fun and relaxing when you really get into it. Make sure to use plenty of meat in all of your dishes too, this way you will get all of your protein for the month. I don't reccommend cooking food in the can by the way, that was just a joke.


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