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Mental Illness

Updated on February 26, 2017
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John Ackerman is established writer. Looks up to writers such as Hemingway and Poe. Mr. Ackerman enjoys short stories and poetry.

Mental Illness

One could peer between the shadows just to see the light

Many heads are perplexed falling through the seams

The duration of the illness can last a lifetime

Still there is help from it's affliction

From seeking medical advice from your peers

A look a darkened thoughts that take on a life of it's own

Some even hear voices in their heads

Whispers in the corridor

Satan's laughing spreads his wings

Shackled by heavy delusional thoughts

One soul soars while the other will burn


Sullen brevity

Yet there still is a way to escape

(Seek medical advice search out for information regarding help with your condition).


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