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Mental Resilience The Power of Clarity By Kamal Sarma - A Must Read Meditation Book Review

Updated on November 26, 2010

I am aware of benefits of meditation and whenever I come across somebody promoting meditation, I feel guilty of not doing it. Even though I want to do meditation, don’t exactly know where to start. I am completely convinced about positive changes meditation brings into one’s life and it is in my do to list.

Recently I came across a book called ‘Mental Resilience – The power of clarity’ by Kamal Sarma. The subtitle of the book is ‘how to develop the focus of a warrior and the peace of a monk’. Definitely it intrigued me enough to pick up the book and come home. When I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down and kept on reading it.

Meditation is the process of keeping still, mentally and physically, which calms the mind and settles the mental chatter. If you train your mind to be still, then when it comes to make a decision, you can perceive all of the issues with clarity and determine how to resolve them in a clear fashion. This is an excerpt from the Mental Resilience book.

There is no mention of meditation in the title of the book, but the book deals with meditation. It is written for people who want to learn meditation and the process is very clearly explained. With increasing stress in our lives and struggling to achieve the balance between family and profession, more people are looking for ways to achieve mental peace in their lives. Especially in the west yoga and meditation are becoming popular. 

Meditation stills the mind and clears mental chatter
Meditation stills the mind and clears mental chatter

Fewer meditation teachers

Individuals who mastered meditation and can teach others have become scarce. If you find somebody who is willing to teach this ancient technique to calm the mind and achieve peace and contentment, you should grab that opportunity.

When I read Kamal Sarma’s book I felt the same way. I thought my search for meditation teacher has been fulfilled. The book is so well written that, even kids can understand the instructions and follow them. Being myself very familiar with eastern philosophy and the value of this education, I can completely appreciate what Kamal Sarma has put together in this book.

There is an accompanying compact disc with instructions for each stage of meditation process. You can practice each stage of meditation for the specified time in the book or until you feel comfortable and move on to the other stage. Mr. Kamal Sarma (author – an Australian resident and management consultant) mentioned that he has been practicing meditation for 20 years and teaching other people including corporations about this meditation process. He definitely mastered the art of meditation and will be the right person to learn from. The author mentioned in the book that the meditation had helped tremendously to cope his daughter’s loss, when he was literally falling apart with the stress and grief.


The metaphor given by Kamal Sarma goes like this. Mind is like a glass of water that you can see straight through. There are no obstructions; there is nothing clouding your view from one side of the glass to another. Now imagine putting no more than a spoonful of dirt in the water and giving a stir. What do you see? After just a bit of stirring, the water becomes so muddy that you can no longer see through it. The water is so murky, you couldn’t see a light on the other side of the glass.

Now imagine that you have set down the glass of muddy water to allow the water and dirt to settle. As the turbulence stills, the elements begin to separate and the water becomes less murky. The longer you leave it, the clearer the water becomes. Left for couple of hours, your glass would have crystal clear water at the top and sediment at the bottom. What does meditation do? Simply, meditation provides the same relief from the muddiness or confusion in your mind as allowing the glass of dirty water to settle. The challenges do not go away – the dirt is still in the glass – but it is settled, and you can see clearly.

If you ever thought of doing meditation and have been putting off or didn’t know how, this is the best opportunity to start. Grab a copy of this book (it comes with CD) and start doing it. I am sure you will never regret your decision to do meditation.


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