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Mental Track Meet

Updated on March 28, 2013

I sit back eyes closed,

mind wide open, just hoping

what i've just seen was one big joke....

and i.....

listen to the masses

trying to outlast these

mind altering elitist classes

in a race i realize i started in last place

Gotta catch up before its too late,

cant get caught up in this mental rape.

But wait, it has already begun,

the social programming and engineering

leaving a system so domineering.

Choices being made

while plans have been laid.

Follow this and follow that,

33 to zero cant be the final stat.

I see the torch but chasing for a different reason,

understand i have to continue my conditioning.

Discovering more more hidden in plain site meanings

so to my beliefs I'm still clinging.

Getting stronger as the days go past,

gaining stamina reviewing events of the past.

a warning to the leaders,

Im catching up fast.

No time to look back, the signs are all around

Realizing the movement is not underground.

An existence no longer behind the scenes,

The eye that sees all things,

breaking down the subconsciously unaware,

HOW DARE I challenge such an athlete,

one that dominated every track meet.

From the Templar to the first 13 stars.

Each event constantly raising the bar.

A marathon is what this has become

yet i continue until my race is won.

Never to succumb to an easy defeat.

So i continue this mental track meet.


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    • Chris Spence profile image

      Chris Spence 5 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Thank you for sharing and stopping by. Truth will set us free

    • GhazalisDaughters profile image

      GhazalisDaughters 5 years ago from Kansas City

      Nice poem! Life really is a mental track meet. We're all running toward something, trying to improve, trying to outdo or redeem our old selves. It's good you're not fooled by all the junk out there. Seek truth!