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Updated on July 12, 2017

Getting mentally well is difficult when realising that you pushed almost everyone away who mattered when you were sick. But what is mentally well in a world full of degenerates.

Trusting in people is difficult when having millions of secrets. Secrets are the only truth we know. If secrets are trusted we are open to submission, we are weak with no past untold. It’s difficult to be normal in a world that is falling apart and full of liars. Lies become truth and truth becomes lies. Normal is just an expression of words used to lightly. Normal is painted out by the higher class to make the rest jealous of their perfect life. Wealth buys happiness is what people would expect you to think. Wealth just fills the empty bond in people’s life’s. Wealth doesn’t matter in time as in time we are nothing but bones in a wooden

No matter of wealth can change the future.
Time is the only true measurement we know, but what do we know about time? That in the time line of the stars we are a smudge waiting to be wiped clean. Our existence carries no meaning as we are guests in a much bigger world.


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