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Writing Mentors

Updated on December 30, 2009
Writing mentors? Wise owls of the writing world?
Writing mentors? Wise owls of the writing world?

Do I need a writing mentor ?

Virginia had Leonard, Henry had Anais, and vice versa, the beat poets had one another, but when you're not surrounded by literary angels, who do you turn to? Is paid mentorship the way to go?

I've been thinking about this for a long time, I'm on a writing course, sure, and there are other writers, sure, and a tutor, sure, but what about that personal connection, the feeling that there is someone who will push you along when the going gets rough.

On a programe, the tutor's time is limited, you're lucky to get a tutorial twice a month lasting over 20 minutes. By the way people out there who are on similar programs, in the USA or elsewhere?  I'd sure like to know how your program works, and what sort of one on one time you get if any, so drop me a line, lets talk. 

I do think my work and my understanding of the lit scene is improving, gradually, by doing this MA, I have a focus, and a framework, all to the good, but there is still that feeling of hey wouldn't it be great to have someone showing me the signposts as I drive this baby along! I need to be sure, where I'm driving to, and having a companion in the seat next to me, could help a lot.

So where do you turn as you graft those pages? Everyone is busy out there doin' their thing right? Students are studying, writers are writing, tutors are tutoring, and ... yayyyy.... mentors are mentoring. So find a mentor.

How easy is it.

Well that depends on what you want. if you need moral support, a good way is to contact writers groups, locally or nationally, and find someone who may be willing to mentor you in exchange for your feedback and some mentoring time on theirs. That is a simple exchange.

Alternatively look for newly published authors on Amazon or elsewhere, contact them via their publishing houses. A lot of those writers will be willing to assist you with feedback and personal time, for a small fee, which helps them and helps you. Not all published writers are making a sustainable living from their craft.

Or check out sites such as this one:

or this

These are structured programs which may give you what you need.

Above all, keep going, and remember you're not alone


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    • Alice Frances profile image

      Alice Frances Wickham 8 years ago from London

      Hey there Donna, thanks for reading my hub. I've been absent awhile .. but hey if you are interested there's a lady in MI who mentors, she's an author, a fine one, her name is Carolyn Lewis .. her site goes by her name

    • donna bamford profile image

      donna bamford 8 years ago from Canada

      Interesting hub, Alice. i could se some mentoring. perhaps i will look up some of these sites. How's the weather in london?