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Mercury in Capricorn Thinkers

Updated on May 11, 2018
Jean Bakula profile image

Jean teaches astrology and metaphysical topics. She is an avid reader, published author, and lifetime member of the NJ Metaphysical Center.

Capricorn in Mercury People Work Hard


Shrewd and Ambitious

Katherine works at a well respected accounting firm in Philadelphia, PA, and has Mercury in Capricorn. She is a very diplomatic, tactful person, and makes painstaking efforts to be sure all that she does is accurate. She is also very shrewd and ambitious, and has been climbing the corporate ladder at a quick pace. That practical and organized mind always thinks up very methodical ways to get the desired results, although at times Katherine’s ideas are not as original as other people’s. She is capable of extended bouts of concentration, as others do not always have the patience to consider certain tasks that are as time consuming as she does. Pouring over spreadsheets for hours to see what the problem is does not really interest most people, but Katherine can stick with it until she solves the puzzle. Not everyone has her patience and discipline. Do you know what sign your Mercury is in?

Capricorn is a Leadership Sign

Katherine is a take charge person, because Capricorn is a cardinal leadership sign, and is symbolized by the goat standing at the top of the mountain. She has great management abilities, and this has made her a successful executive. She is especially good at math, but also likes science and metaphysical subjects. She likes to paint in her spare time, which is almost nonexistent right now, but something she wants to pursue more someday. No matter what goes on in the office, Katherine is a natural leader, and it just feels right to others when she takes charge, as Katherine is a good sport. She will never ask another person to do something she will not do herself; when a deadline looms ahead, she is the first one to pitch in with all the others. So she is well liked and respected in her profession.

Capricorn In Mercury People Plan for the Future

Katherine began thinking about making an investment as her paychecks got larger, and has decided that real estate is the best choice for her. She dates now and then, but there is nobody special on the scene right now. She has been looking at house listings and thinks a larger size home would be the perfect thing for her. Although that seems like a big home for a single person, she doubts that she will always be single. Capricorn Mercury people just like to think ahead. Plus they are concerned with attaining social status through material accomplishments, and nothing says, “I’m doing really well” than a renovated brownstone in tony neighborhood! A cozy, little bungalow is not her thing, although she does like nature and the woods. Mercury in Capricorn people get to a career point where they finally realize their financial and social status are about where they were aiming for, and they have conservative political and social ideas. Katherine likes the established order, and respects beliefs that have proven useful through the test of time.

A Home is Your Most Important Asset

What has more practical value than a nice home? She is a realist though, and as much as the idea of home ownership appeals to Katherine, she realizes it is a great investment opportunity too. She works for a large firm who has branches in other countries, so if she buys a big brownstone, she can hold large events there on important occasions. She often travels for business as well, so theoretically she could even “swap” homes with a colleague in another country, if she has to go to a country and stay at a colleague’s home, then that person can stay at her home during that time period. So Katherine has not deluded herself that she wants to settle down and get married or have children right now, buying this home is just a practical business decision with value, though at a different time in her life it could come to mean more.

Finding a New Home is Hard Work

So Katherine has started looking around at homes with a realtor on the weekends when she has time. She is constantly busy, so it is even hard for the realtor to get her out to look at the listings. But the realtor warms up to Katherine as he shows her homes, and gets used to her sharp and penetrating wit. Katherine is curious about all the types of homes she is being shown, but she is being very careful about the economics of this whole house buying business. She has been visiting various banks to find out about loans and rates. But all work and no play makes for a dull girl, and Katherine is nothing like that. The realtor is named Ethan, and he comes to appreciate Katherine’s interest in literature, philosophy, and art. A person can spend a lot of time with their realtor when home shopping, it is one of the biggest decisions a person can make in a lifetime.

Practical and Thoughtful

Ethan likes the way Katherine is so practical and thoughtful, and also begins to look forward to hearing what she has to say, as she has a very discriminating eye. At first he tried to quickly influence her towards a quick sale, but soon realized that Katherine’s practical nature would not allow anyone to steer her in any direction that did not benefit her. He decided that since they were in Philadelphia, the Society Hill area of restored brownstones would be perfect for Katherine. Mercury in Capricorn people love and respect history, and what is more historical than living a few blocks away from the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall? Plus with her love of art, South Street and all the boutiques and antique shops are within walking distance.

As Katherine looked at homes, she did like a few, and changed her mind a few times. Mercury in Capricorn people are restless and suspicious too, and it felt to Katherine like time was moving forward and she was not getting anywhere. But Ethan soon learned to cope with her critical opinions of some houses he showed her, and he realized she was only going to settle for the brownstone she had her heart set on from the beginning. She was acting peevish when he showed her other types of homes in her price range, but finally Ethan knew the only way he could make a commission was to treat Katherine with kindness and find her the home of her dreams. It also seemed like Katherine was beginning to look forward to these home shopping trips with Ethan, and they had a good chemistry together.

Katherine Finds Her Dream Home In Philadelphia


Mercury in Capricorn People Need Time to Warm Up to Others

Once Katherine started looking at brownstones, she was really happy. She loved the look, it just said, “Success” to her. She wanted to have four bedrooms, just to plan for a future husband and children, or for guests in case of family sleepovers, or the company oriented plans she had at the beginning of her home search. Since Capricorn is an Earth sign, Katherine was thrilled to find a home with a plant filled terrace in back. The light hardwood floors and exposed brick in some of the rooms were so charming! The kitchen was modernized and quite big, and there was room for a large dining table too. But when Katherine saw the gorgeous front patio on the corner unit, filled with flowering plants and with an adorable metal table and chairs, she knew she was in love. And as Ethan showed her around all the different properties and saw her delight when she looked at this house, it appeared that he was beginning to fall in love too (not with the house, with Katherine)!

Brownstones are directly next to each other, but Mercury in Capricorn people are much friendlier than others think. It just takes them longer to warm up to people than others do. Katherine is the kind of neighbor who does not gossip, but offers to pick up stuff at the store for sick neighbors, will walk your dog, or pick up your prescriptions. Isn’t it great to have practical friends? The home she found also had a large downstairs room that would make a great studio, art room, or movie room for guests. Being in this busy area of Philadelphia, Katherine was excited about the prospect of checking out local artists to find paintings for when she began to decorate. Plus good art appreciates in time!

Getting Settled In

Some people misunderstand Mercury in Capricorn people, and think they are too serious and lack any humor at all. Some of them are accused of being social climbers. This can be true if the Mercury in their horoscope is badly aspected, but is not really the norm. Mercury in Capricorn people are discriminating, but not in a bad way. They just know what they like, and what they want out of life, and will not waste time on other things.

After the closing was over and the house was really Katherine’s, it is customary for the realtor to give the buyer a nice gift. Katherine took a week off of work to move in, and she heard a knock at the door. It was a florist, delivering a dozen red roses, and a note from Ethan, asking if she was free for dinner that night. She actually was, and was thrilled to have a date after working so hard to make the move. Katherine had a good feeling about Ethan, and so did he for her, from the day he watched her fall in love with her brownstone! She even invited him in for a nightcap so he could see what she did with the place since he last saw it.

Gift from the Realtor


© 2013 Jean Bakula


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello Elisa,

      I get the vibe, as I have a Capricorn Moon. It takes me time to warm up to people. The Scorpio ascendant probably doesn't help either. I am friendly to a point, and crave stability. If you enjoy Astrology, I made up fictional characters to teach Sun in each Sign and Venus in each sign. I made both people have the same planetary positions, to make the traits more clear. I'd love to see you at Take care.

    • profile image

      Elisa 4 years ago

      hi Jean,

      I love this version of Cap mercury that you wrote up.

      it's true. I'm very discriminating, and most who don't understand, think it is "snobbish", but I can't help it. To the point where I have screen people privately in my head, but assessing their character. It's only a kind of self defense move on my part because I am very picky/choosy to be around certain people. Unstable, flighty people (which aren't bad people of course) make me nervous and I like stability despite having mutables in my chart.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi Carol,

      My first love was a Capricorn, and I have my moon there, so I understand. I sometimes think of things I did when I was younger and am amazed at the cold way I made decisions. I like myself better now, and thankfully have my Mercury and Venus in Gemini, for a lighter touch.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. These are fun to write, although I have a huge urge to redecorate now! Take care.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      After being married to a Capricorn...regardless of mercury...Hard to deal with sometimes. There is a coldness about Capricorns...however they are attractive, interesting and generally successful. Well done Jean.


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