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Mercury in Libra Thinkers

Updated on July 12, 2018
Jean Bakula profile image

Jean teaches astrology and metaphysical topics. She is an avid reader, published author, and lifetime member of the NJ Metaphysical Center.

The Scales of Justice Symbolize Libra


Love Partnerships

So you have a new Mercury in Libra friend you met while at a clothing sale at an upscale store? They are friendly people who love to be out and about, talking, and being with others. People with this Mercury position love to communicate with friends, and love to do things in partnerships. Happy relationships are very important to them. They are curious about other people’s thinking patterns, and often gravitate towards careers in psychology, astrology (because it’s really all about figuring out what makes a person tick), public relations, sociology, and of course, the law. They make good arbitrators and counselors who want to work with the public. Mercury in Libra people will not work in a dingy cubicle in a dreary office. They also would make good buyers for a store, as they have good fashion flair. The symbol for Libra is the scale of justice, so law and fairness really matters to them.

Love of Beautiful Things

Mercury in Libra people like to surround themselves with others, as they are the social butterflies of the zodiac. Libra is ruled by Venus, like Taurus, but Libra people need more mental stimulation. They both like to own beautiful things, but Taurus likes natural things more. Libra likes modern, classy, and trendy things. They get bored easily.

Mercury in Libra people are so easy to communicate with, because they really care what others think. They are very honest and have a strong sense of justice. They prefer to have harmony, so may not express an opinion which is different than others in a social setting, afraid it will make them seem unpopular. It may appear they lack firmness, but Libra is a leadership sign, they just want to be sure their decision meets all their criteria. Mercury in Libra people look at any issue from every side, and this makes it seem like they have trouble making decisions. This is something they have in common with Mercury in Gemini people, but if one takes too long to decide on something, an opportunity to act could be lost. However, decisions made are normally just and well considered, even if it takes ages to get there.

Mercury in Libra people seek out associations with people who possess refined minds, good manners, and honest reputations. They are great believers in the saying, “You get judged by the company you keep.” Uncouth manners, unfair motivations, or just general sloppiness are very distasteful to a Mercury in Libra person. They really are sensitive to odors and personal appearances of others, and inappropriate dress and course speech are a no no. They treat friends gracefully, and with consideration, and expect the same in return. Mercury in Libra people make the mistake of expecting others to have the same degree of mental discipline they require of themselves.

One of the World's Greatest Cities


Buying a New Home

So as a Mercury in Libra person starts to go about buying a first house, we have a few clues about what is appealing, because we know quite a bit about the way they think. Since Libra influenced people love to surround themselves with people who like to have fun, they will want to live in the city, to be close to clubs, restaurants, plays, and good shopping. What better city for a social butterfly than New York City? It's great to be right in the center of a huge city which offers anything you could possibly want to do.

The problem is that you get very few square feet for an exorbitant amount of money in NYC. However, there are many lovely town home communities in Jersey City, NJ. It lies across from Lower Manhattan, between the Hudson River and Upper NY Bay, and the Hackensack River and Newark Bay. Jersey City is a port of entry for New York, with eleven miles of waterfront and many rail connections, making it very easy to take the ferry, subway, or train to get into the city easily.

Close to the Night Life

Most of these townhouse associations are built to take advantage of the glorious views of New York from across the river, quite a sight of colored lights and interesting buildings, especially if it has a balcony. That will not be hard to arrange in that area, as developers realized that potential from the beginning. So a modern, gated, town home with a balcony for views, safety, and easy access to NYC, will be a big draw. Mercury in Libra people are not cheap, but like class, and by living across from Manhattan, can get a lot more for their money.

All Mercury in Libra people have sharp minds, loving all kinds of mental pursuits, and although many good libraries are available in NYC, would enjoy having a nice reading room at home, several nice shelves for books, and a few comfortable chairs. Mercury in Libra people love music, and so Broadway and Off Broadway are close, and usually there are many concerts in Central Park or Madison Square Garden.

Since these people are very refined, the concerts are not all rock concerts, the concert series offers classical and many other kinds of music. And once one learns the way around, there are ways to get less expensive theater tickets. Since those with this position love to learn, all kinds of museums are in NYC too, the Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Rose Planetarium has not only shows about planets, but lazerium shows which play music from different artists while giving a light show on the ceiling.

Modern Tastes No Retro Chic

Modern tastes are the way to go here, and a few personal touches, maybe some of their own artistic paintings or accessories, but no clutter. Right now our Mercury in Libra friend is not seeing anyone, so is just looking for herself, but still would like two bedrooms for overnight guests and out of town friends. But sleek and modern is the way to go here, these are not the retro chic types. They will not spend time repurposing old furniture, the thought is horrifying. Now, furniture shopping they can get into. The home must be comfortable, able to show off a little to friends.

NYC also has a lot of rooftop gardens for residents of the association to relax and socialize, so that is a feature our buyer will love. A friendly and sociable person finds it easy to make new friends. Soon a Mercury in Libra person will be the leader of newly found friends, usually the one who makes the plans for everyone (though it won’t be fast)! There is a need for a lot of room for entertaining, and the open floor concept can work well, especially if the town home has a breakfast bar, it can turn into a party bar by night!

Mercury in Libra People Like Clothes


Her Long Beauty Regimen

Mercury in Libra women particularly want to live well, and to look well, so she will spend a lot on hair coloring and cuts, mani- pedis, beauty creams, and perfume scents. Face the fact that this is who she is. This is a person who would not leave a burning building without putting on makeup. She has tons of clothes and shoes, so needs lots of closet space. But do not forget Libra is a sign of leadership, and career is heavily on her mind. So she needs a fashion look for work and one for play. Better yet, she can accessorize easily from the work look to the play look. Add in time for accessory shopping.

She also wants to get married in the future, the time is just not right now. Many Mercury in Libra people can’t wait to get married, but do not really want to have children. They fall in love often, as they are incurable romantics, and really want to enjoy life as half of a couple. But the idea of taking care of children who need so much attention is not really her thing. So our Mercury in Libra subject will try to choose a man who is not enthused about raising a family either. Or she may have several long term relationships in her life. It would also be possible to sublet the town home for a few weeks if they want to go on vacations, which they will. After all, somebody has to wear all the new clothes over in the “summer” area of the closet!

This Woman Needs a Huge Closet


© 2013 Jean Bakula


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    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi Carol,

      I hope you are doing well. It's hard to be completely accurate when just discussing the meaning of one planet in a sign. But I like getting people to understand that Astrology is so much more than JUST what sign your Sun is in! I'd be honored to write something for your blog when it's ready, let me know. Take care.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      4 years ago from Arizona

      Fun read.. and I am libra with Mercury in Libra..Most is true...and was true but I have changed in a few of the things..Social yes for sure. Great job Jean when blog is going would love to have you write something..It still has some work


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