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Mere Illusions

Updated on August 9, 2016

Even though still feels at times like poison running through my veins,
Got the strength today to understand

That at times, when the heart leads the mind into the deepest night
Mere illusions of the past will never seem to cease to haunt.

But I'm no longer the fool who tried to gratify your whims.

The fool who didn't realise that was a sacrifice
Until you unleashed rainstorm of sadness on those bright wings of fire.

I've been mourning them many silent winters
Holding in my arms an urn of ashes as a mother holds her child.

But the youth's sin of not knowing
What was supposed to hold on to, what to let go was forgotten

And like a reborn Phoenix, the light inside shone now

with the power of a thousand splendid suns.


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