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Message in a Bottle - How to Write on the Internet

Updated on October 21, 2012

When you stop to think about it, writing on the Internet is just like sending a message in a bottle. You carefully craft your message and cast it off into the World Wide Web not knowing where or when it may land. Perhaps it will be read by an 80 year old in Australia, or a teenager in South Africa, or maybe it will float for years and not be read at all! So how do we learn to write on the Internet?

As a young person in school, I remember being taught to, “Write to your audience”. The first step is to identify your audience and write to that level of comprehension. But what if your audience is unknown, or worse yet, what if your audience is the entire world?

The answer is simple, write to your target audience. First identify the subject matter audience and write in a style that appeals to them. If you have written a review about the latest laptop computer, write to those interested in that subject. Do not worry that your article may be read by an elderly man in a nursing home or a 2nd grader. The odds are that the unintended audience will ignore your material, or better yet, they may actually be interested in it!

Think about the endless possibilities. You are reaching out to a specific audience yet still have the potential to draw in new fans as well. There are several times per month that I will stop and read an on-line article about a subject that I would never “Google” or look up. Why? Perhaps, the title caught my eye, or maybe I was searching for something else and the search engine provided me with someone’s message in a bottle!

The beauty of today’s modern “bottle messages” is that now, more than ever, we can learn about the world around us. In one surfing session alone I had inadvertently learned about issues related to both astrophysics and skateboarding! Talk about being well-rounded!

With the help of the right key words and search engines, all of our bottles and their messages will eventually land ashore. With a little bit of luck, hopefully they will reach a person who, after enjoying our material, will toss our bottles even further out into the Internet via a link or forwarded email.

There our messages will continue to float around the world waiting to be discovered.


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    • profile image

      love peace 5 years ago


    • profile image

      wwolfs 5 years ago

      I agree that writing on the internet is the new modern message in a bottle. There is so much to share, learn, and read from people all over the world. Nice job on your hub.

      Voted up and interesting!

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 6 years ago from SW England

      Love the analogy of the message in a bottle! I've often thought about who might read my hubs but, as you say, we write to a target and that's the only way. Good writing! Voted up, interesting and useful.

    • KevinC9998 profile image

      KevinC9998 6 years ago

      Thanks, I really appreciate all the positive feedback from all.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This is an excellent and truthful hub.

    • prashantpujan profile image

      Prashant 6 years ago from Mumbai, India

      it appeared interesting ..voted up

    • jfay2011 profile image

      jfay2011 6 years ago

      love this. It is like we are shooting arrows in the dark sometimes. We don't know where we will land. Love your message in the bottle theory.

    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 6 years ago

      Voted up. We have a huge audience more than we know. Interesting

    • kennynext profile image

      kennynext 6 years ago from Everywhere

      Very true. Who knows where your writing will end up, and choosing your audience still might not get it there

    • mjfarns profile image

      mjfarns 6 years ago from Bloomington, Illinois USA

      Very well done! This reads like a college writing class lecture, Internet Writing 101. Voted up!