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Message to the World

Updated on October 24, 2011

Please listen to these words
its an important message that
you need to hear today
Put away your judgments
put away your hate and anger
stay silent
and hear
we are all the same
we all dream and laugh
and cry and sing and hurt
Do you know what hurts most
Its the very thing that makes us unique
that makes us human beings
its being different
we attack each other like frenzied
predators just because ones
body is bigger or smaller than our own
we laugh at slurred speech
and ridicule a slow walk
or one that doesn't walk at all
we hate because skin comes
in many beautiful colors
we hurt others because
we are all so afraid to be hurt first
just slow down
look around
we are different
we are unique
we are who we are
we are what we are
because that's how we are meant to be
beauty is more than magic in a jar
its the definition of a soul
a heart doesn't beat
only to give life
we are to love
and be loved
and accept others
with all the glorious imperfections
that make us human
laughter should be a result of happiness
of joy
never a weapon to kill a spirit
and tears should cleanse
not be used bitterly
in defense of self and differences
so please hear these words
and hold them to your heart
so we may evolve to a kind
of world where we are love in action
and never have to worry about
being judged
and lines drawn
by hate are gone
This is the world we deserve


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