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Messages in Transit

Updated on July 13, 2012

The Human experience, what a strange journey I find myself on

I don't always understand it or exactly why I've come to be here, When a machine says thank you, you know it's just a formality

If I ever let myself I might be famous, a megaphone to all I may


Growing new relationships when others have withered on the vine

This self awareness is other than I knew I'd bargained for

Profound experience unfolds the heart

The soul peers thru the minds eye

Ashen sunset before the tunnel under the bay

Love is a force greater than all else that I know

The billboard says "Don't make us choose"

The kiosk repeats "Turn you on, turn you on ..."

The platform inhabited by the travelers in the night

The lawyer on TV says 'We're ready, we wish it was tomorrow"

But tomorrow doesn't exist, it never has and it never will

It's just a vision of an unrealized today

The creative spark burns brightly here,

while chaos is found at it's core

The spirit is woven thru matters experience

Hope furthers the strivings of life, without it initiative


Reality is a dream given substance by the mind

This thing called self, what a lonely thing to do

But without it there is no me, and there is no you

From our points of singularity we can touch each others love, The awning says "Surprise" as the morning workers scurry by

with their coffee

The bus is late today

I wish I could be kinder to myself, I push my life so hard sometimes We play Gods with this world, refolding the very fabric

of existence

"Just an illusion" the banner states

"Grand copy" is that business' name

The bus carries me to my day of toil

"now serving" I read at this stop

The traffic flies by on the freeway overhead

All those people in their metal beasts, exhaling carbons on the


They battle each other like gladiators of the road

"Stay human" the bumper sticker advises

It's amazing how the profound can be hidden in the mundane

So who am I and what does this all mean

That's why I'm here to find out

If I can explain it as I learn so much the better

The candidate says "I want you to know me for who I am"

Life is a secret that everyone knows

The place only the bravest spirits go

So what am I trying to say to you, I'm not always sure

But when I find out, You know, I'll tell you all about it

©2000 R.Kane

AKA Richard Kane


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